Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sri Aurobindo, who passed away on this date 57 years back, was an expert on religion

One more year of the Common Era is coming to a close and another round of stock taking is usual. Agreeably, we are living at a time when the human civilization seems to be at its peak, though besetted with concerns like carbon footprint and climate change. Globalization on the one hand, and robotics, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, cognitive psychology, etc. on the other is doing a steady march. Internet has metamorphosed into an unprecedented forum for exchange of ideas.

Writing of books on religion – both, for and against – is spreading like an epidemic. Scientists, journalists, columnists, psychoanalysts, politicians, professors of Political Science, and sundry social scientists and commentators are out with books and they are being read as well as debated avidly. Hundreds of denizens of the blogosphere dutifully read them, report, and recommend. is growing amazingly for this reason.

Inability to recognize the distinctiveness of the extraordinary metaphysical output of Sri Aurobindo as expounded in The Life Divine and Savitri is an utter intellectual failure of the present generation. Not to be agog and astir about such prophetic utterances signifies certain deafness towards the radical and the veridical. This is a peculiar ailment afflicting the elite at the moment. The subliminal planes of our being turn insignificant in the face of the sub-prime crisis.

Sri Aurobindo, who passed away on this date 57 years back, was an expert on religion. There is no better book than The Life Divine on the subject of religion and philosophy. Notion and nature, matter and memory, sleep and dream, rebirth and evolution; the mystery of all knotty questions have been answered to the satisfaction spanning race, religion and culture. For any subject, in all fairness, one should read the expert, and not the layperson.

It is not metaphysics alone. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have instantiated an obscure and abstruse evolutionary alchemy, the urgency of which needs to be appreciated by the mankind. All our education would be deemed as fruitful if harnessed in broadcasting this epochal imperative. The message is simple, the invitation direct, and the prospectus is in black and white. Time to heal our intellectual infructuity. [TNM]

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