Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Universally human Vedic economics

[Theories are always applied and interpreted through our personal and cultural filters and there is no other way it can be. Robin believes in an Archimedean point for using theory, I do not.
Furthermore we often need to apply personal and cultural judgment to offset the sometimes-erroneous judgments and biases built into the economic way of thinking. Robin's post is the clearest example I have seen of
what I call Robin's logical atomism. Can theory override intuition? from Marginal Revolution by Tyler Cowen] 10:30 AM
TC draws a clear demarcation between him and RH, but the neatness itself becomes the reason for uneasiness. Attempting to problematize the matter, we can think of the most primordial (as well as, perpetual) of antagonisms of Vedic vintage: Vritra has covered the light within the caves and Indra is striving to salvage it.

If light can at all be considered of some economic worth, then this fight is universally human regardless of personal and cultural standpoints. Not only economics; all politics, ethics, and aesthetics derive their logic and legitimacy from this fundamental essence. The bulls and the bears are perhaps the nearest in sense in contemporary parlance. [TNM]

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