Saturday, December 15, 2007

Orissa should not miss the bus

[Kotak Mahindra makes debut in Orissa Newindpress - December 15, 2007 BHUBANESWAR: Kotak Mahindra Bank on Friday announced the launch of Orissa operations and inaugurated its first branch in the State on Friday.]
[The real challenges that the United States faces come not from globalization's losers but from its winners, not from yesterday's bombs but from tomorrow's factories... When the history of these times is written, surely the great trend that will dominate the accounts, far larger than the war in Lebanon or the tensions over Iran, will be the rise of China and India and how they reshaped the world... Welcome to the post-American world. The Fearful Superpower By Fareed Zakaria NEWSWEEK ISSUES 2008] 4:29 AM
This is the greatest moment in the history of India and we are living in unprecedented times. Instead of thinking investment and entrepreneurship, some lazy pen-pushers in Orissa are busy inciting people against industrialization and development. Touts have turned leaders overnight by instigating small farmers to protest, and are enjoying their new clout. But if Orissa misses the bus again this time, then who suffers? Who’d take the blame? [TNM]

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