Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Unproductive entrepreneurship in Orissa

[Orissa dance fares well in RTI The Statesman - Tuesday, 18 December 2007: Orissa holds a prestigious position as far as as the much hyped Right to Information (RTI) is concerned. The performance of the state in accepting applications and their disposal is outstanding. At the same time its performance has also been highly acclaimed by international bodies, Mr DN Padhi, the chief information commissioner (CIC) of Orissa said here today. The activity of the commission has also crossed the boundaries of the country since the World Bank and other international organisations have acclaimed its performances. It may be mentioned here that in October, the chief commissioner was honoured by the World Bank at its headquarters in Washington DC.]
This is the kind of unproductive entrepreneurship that is proliferating in Orissa. No economic development can take place just by dusting and digging the archives of files in government offices. [TNM] 4:50 AM 4:54 PM

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