Friday, March 28, 2008

The Life Divine possesses a central position in this momentous adventure

[I cannot end this chapter without noting how the whole Ashram was vitally interested in India's fight for freedom, though we are supposed erroneously to be absorbed only in our own spiritual liberation. When the news of the final victory came, we celebrated it as much as the people outside, particularly because it coincided with Sri Aurobindo's birthday. He was requested to give a message on this great occasion. I am reproducing at the end of this chapter the whole message called "Five Dreams".
"It was on this occasion that for the first time the Mother hoisted her flag over the terrace of Sri Aurobindo's room. The Mother called it the spiritual flag of India.
In the afternoon she appeared on her terrace when the members of the Ashram greeted her by singing Bande Mataram after which she called out, 'Jai Hind!' with such a look and gesture that we still remember the moment. The evening programme included the electric illumination of the courtyard inside the Ashram compound."¹...

When one reads Sri Aurobindo's message one will not fail to note how much importance he has given to the role India alone can play in bringing about the unity of the whole of mankind. I do not know of any other great leader of India and worker for her future destiny who spoke in such glowing terms as we find in these "Dreams".
The Mother has emphasised the fact that this message should be distributed all over India, read and re-read by the people, for it contains the solution of all the problems the world is facing today. Page – 164 Location:
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India's role in bringing about the unity of the whole of mankind assumes pressing urgency at the moment. The Life Divine possesses a central position in this momentous adventure. Universities and academicians must recognize this imperative and take side accordingly. Sisir Kumar Maitra has put it so prophetically:

“The message of the book is exactly what the world needs today. It is the most thought-provoking and thought-shaking book that has appeared in this century. As it is studied more and more, more people will come under the influence of its vitalizing thought, and it will cause a slow and silent revolution in thought which will be extremely radical and far-reaching in its effects.” JSTOR: East and West in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy

Considered the most difficult among the writings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine encounters enormous resistance. The political stance of many academicians poses huge hurdles in the path of its reception. Surmounting such obstacles is not a small challenge and necessitates a multi-pronged offensive. Savitri Erans must gird up their loins. [TNM]

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