Saturday, March 22, 2008

Savitri Era Party aims at The Life Divine

[Columns by Sauvik Chakraverti Antidote: A politics to end politics
Politics as a means to using government action should be resorted to in only exceptional cases. There should be a list of what the government must do, and also a list of what it must not do — with no discretion whatsoever for the politician. We in India need to embark upon ‘a politics to end politics’. ] 9:58 AM

[In a truly liberal order, it is unthinkable that every party must swear by the welfare state. But the situation in India is far worse, and there are good reasons to believe that the Chief Justice’s conception of a good society, if ever allowed to come into fruition, will spell disaster for the nation and its people...
If India is to regain her lost glory, socialism must be dumped and her people encouraged to help themselves. Indians are known to be hard working. The new definition of socialism offered by the CJI is patronising and impractical; and it will not lead to the ‘welfare’ of the poor. A liberal party opposed to socialism must be allowed to attract the mind of the smart Indian voter... by Sauvik Chakraverti: Antidote
Do we need socialism? Newindpress on Sunday ]10:21 AM

We at the Savitri Era Party are sympathetic to the ideas of Sauvik Chakraverti. But his notion of a liberal party is sorely denuded of any connection with religion. To rid our Constitution of not only the "socialist" but also the “secular" tag, should be the target. The Life Divine arms us with the necessary wherewithal to aim at such a polity. [TNM]

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