Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Savitri Era Religion can save from self-delusion

[As I never tire of saying, politics is not about public service, but about power; most politicians enter politics not to change the world but to rule over as big a part of it as they can; they will do whatever it takes to get power, for otherwise they wouldn’t have entered politics; and as we are a species hardwired by evolution for self-delusion, it is natural, after a point, for us to start believing in the lies we are living. -- A Machine For The Production Of Politics from The India Uncut Blog by Amit Varma]

As recent entrants, we may add (and confess) that politics is meant basically to publicize our religion, i.e., Savitri Era Religion. In this sense, it would rank as public service; for Religion is part of the genealogy of public reason itself which can save us from self-delusion. [TNM]

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