Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The logical extension perhaps is to free the 'national' borders

[8.5 percent growth: 100 percent bullshit from ANTIDOTE by Sauvik... To a classical liberal, it is only when each individual economic agent, responsible for his own okonomos, is completely liberated under law, freed from all government imposed restraints, that each little okonomos will grow - and take the nation upwards along with it. So if unilateral free trade was instituted, the customs department abolished, if taxes were cut and the bureaucracy greatly downsized, and all economic restrictions removed, the 'national economy' would grow at such stupendous rates that no statistician would even be able to measure it...

John Cowptherwaite, the colonial civil servant sent to run Hong Kong in the 40s, achieved a huge economic turnaround for this little island without any statistical bureau advising him. He believed that such statistics were mischievous, and would be misused by socialists someday. So he deliberately axed all plans to set up a government statistical bureau in Hong Kong. When he arrived, Hong Kong was covered with the shanties and slums of poor migrants. When he left in the 70s, Hong Kong had been transformed into an island of gleaming towers, with a per capita ownership of Rolls-Royce cars higher than that of its colonial master, Great Britain.For more on this great civil servant, read my tribute to Sir John here.]

The logical extension perhaps is to free the 'national' borders so that any one can come in (to trade, and possibly, vote) and any one can go out. All currencies will be welcome, from the chaos of which would emerge a world currency and a world language, depending upon users’ preference! [TNM]

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