Sunday, February 22, 2009

C for cloud

[I credit Daniel Ingram for reminding me the importance of correct practice (see my review of Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha), Shinzen Young for secularizing the dharma and developing user-friendly and uber-scientific techniques (see my review of The Science of Enlightenment), Ken Wilber for his lucid articulation and development of Integral Philosophy, and my fellow dharma geeks over at Buddhist Geeks and Dharma Overground for their encouragement and open-sharing of knowledge. Open Practice: Demystifying and Secularizing the Path to Enlightenment
from ~C4Chaos by c4chaos]

[Feb 3, 2009 Less is More: The League and Blogging
from Indistinct Union by Chris Dierkes
Sorry for the lack of posting around here of late. I promise to get back to it when I get some more time. This week and next are really nutso, so no guarantees. Moreover, I’m spending what precious little blogging time I have available now over at
The League of Ordinary Gentlemen.]

One by one, ardent affiliates of the integral brigade are either streaming out or losing steam. End of a dream. [TNM]

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