Sunday, February 08, 2009

Panch Shepherds

[What is Wrong with Religion
by Debashish on Mon 27 Oct 2008 09:35 PM PDT
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What has been offended here is not "the psychic being," but the norms of orthodox religious representation. And the high priests of this orthodoxy will not allow any other kind of representation to stake its claim to approach the Truth. At a time when, more than ever before, the world needs the unfettered light of consciousness which Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have gifted to humankind, a bunch of aggressive churchmen will make sure to smother it into insignificance. I marvel also at how little opposition there is to them and how well organized they are with their weapons. The principal weapons of the orthodox are the varieties of verbal propaganda and such efficiency of means I have rarely seen, a truly exemplary division of labor. There is one with a heavy-handed threatening didacticism, another who deals in social paranoia, a third with his lachrymose devotional pieties, a fourth who is a merchant in theological disputation and a fifth who poses as a fair-minded reformist. What more or else do we need? The good shepherds are all here. Be comforted in that they will not spare the rod to keep you snug in the fold in spite of yourself. DB Reply]

Deciphering allusions or pseudonyms has turned an absorbing guessing game, but the Panch Shepherds puzzle is too intriguing to solve. [TNM]

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