Saturday, February 07, 2009


[Of course Hrdayananda is going to say what he said, he has to say that if he wants to remain in ISKCON as a leader. At this time no one can openly challenge Prabhupada and remain a leader in ISKCON for long because there are many power seekers looking to take them all down so they can also take advantage of all the perks of slave labor and donations. In the past Hrdayananda has claimed that you can disagree on certain topics with Prabhupada because Prabhupada wasn’t “omniscient”, and therefore when it came to “mundane” topics Prabhupada wasn’t necessarily automatically perfect in his knowledge of those topics. I guess for Hrdayananda, Prabhupada’s teachings on sexual morality are mundane, similar to his racist and sexist teachings. Hare Krishna Women Unveiling the sexism, misogyny, deceptions, fascism, and racism taught by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness It’s Raining Men February 7, 2009 by Vrajabhumi
Well, once again the self-appointed Prabhupada fanatic morality police (
like that ex-GHQ loudmouth/pasty looking doughboy Krishna Kirti Das) are all up in arms over something Hrdayananda Swami wrote recently to be read at a gay couple’s commitment ceremony. It wasn’t what he wrote that got the lunatic fringe’s panties in a twist, it was that he gave them his blessings, thereby seemingly giving the imprimatur of ISKCON/Prabhupada to homosexuality. Continue Reading » Posted in blind faith Tagged , , , , , , No Comments »]

Someday we hope to graduate to dealing with such discourse. [TNM]

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