Saturday, February 21, 2009

Defending everyone’s right to present a different than “the only correct opinion”

[At this moment in time, the most important task is to make sure that free discussion about these problems is not silenced as an attack on the very idea of European integration. We have always believed that being allowed to discuss such serious issues, being heard, defending everyone’s right to present a different than “the only correct opinion” – no matter how much we may disagree with it – is at the very core of the democracy we were denied for over four decades. We, who went through the involuntary experience that taught us that a free exchange of opinions and ideas is the basic condition for a healthy democracy, do hope, that this condition will be met and respected also in the future. This is the opportunity and the only method for making the European Union more free, more democratic and more prosperous. Václav Klaus, European Parliament, Brussels, 19 February 2009 Speech of the President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus in the European Parliament//12:35 PM 12:55 PM1:56 PM]

[Re: Larger Issues of "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" Controversy Debashish Fri 20 Feb 2009 10:51 AM PST. This is the sector of "devotees" who have a narrow understanding of the integral yoga. It is not that this sector was any less numerous during the time Sri Aurobindo and/or the Mother were in the body, but they were given their place and did not have the "voice" they now do in the absence of the gurus. This is what has created a dangerous situation with regard to the wider possibilties of the yoga.]

Voice is the cornerstone of civil society. Knocking the doors of a law court for conflict resolution too is another fundamental attribute. Hence, why these basic rights and prerogatives are being called into question is incomprehensible. [TNM]

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