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Supramental Consciousness in its embryonic state

February 28, 1968: Auroville was born, just two months before May 1968 sweeping whole Europe.
February 28, 2020: Serious political and communal unrest has gripped Dehi, the capital of India.
Message of #Auroville is the most appropriate basis for resolving conflict.
From 1968 to 2020, we have witnessed enormous Intellectual dishonesty and attempts at indoctrination. Sri Aurobindo demands honesty and integrity as price for efflorescence of his Integral vision. The young must break free of dominant political ideologies for building a new India.

On February 29, 1956, Supramental Consciousness descended upon earth in its embryonic state, as announced by The Mother. Its effects are difficult to perceive now, yet believing in its subtle action and Evolutionary momentum is a responsibility for all followers of #SriAurobindo.

After seventy years, it can safely be asserted that the Constitution of India is thoroughly elitist and Utopian. Auroville was surely ambitious which was founded after twelve years of Supramental descent. But the Constitution, without any spiritual foundation, was merely a dream.
Thus the nation is at the cusp of a renegotiation of its social contract for regeneration of regional vitality. How local culture redefines its people without any reference to overarching abstract stipulations imposed by the Centre is in the womb of the future. May The Mother act

Understanding India and the significance of its religion is impossible without reading Sri Aurobindo's books, yet most educated persons ignore him. Result is ignorance rules and multifarious deformations claim dominance. Reversing this trend is essential for future of the nation.
Quoting Sri Aurobindo and supporting scoundrels is an irony of our times. Lack of institutional dissemination of Sri Aurobindo's thought is the primary reason. There's no dearth of scholars with commendable self-study but slant is ubiquitous too. So no escape from subjective trap

While Savitri Era Party advocates switching to a scenario envisioned by Sri Aurobindo, there's no magic wand. Human nature has not undergone any appreciable transformation although intellectual recognition of its necessity is more or less stable. So next step is to popularise it.
No one can beat Sri Aurobindo in analysing the past and foreseeing the future. His stress on individual contribution for aiding Evolution is of profound significance. For instance, every tweet can be judged as to how much hatred it spreads. A few foreigners will rank at the top.

Nehruvian consensus sought to squeeze Hindutva out of the mainstream without any effort to engage with it. Obviously, it lacked necessary ideological flexibility. Today, Hindutva itself is attempting reform by conflating Gandhi and Vivekananda. But real challenge is Sri Aurobindo.
Let there be no confusion that I'm the only voice in the whole country to have popularised this new vision over more than a decade. Many love name-dropping of, and lip-service to, Sri Aurobindo but peddle erroneous representation. So caution against such celebrities is essential.
Exactly, any serious intellectual engagement was absent. Modernity in the West had its roots in the Christin ethical framework but importing it by delegitimising local in situ religious grounding created an abnormal and absurd situation which is yet to be resolved satisfactorily.
Sri Aurobindo has adequately dealt with various schools of philosophy and their relative efficacy vis-a-vis various stages of Human Cycle. In a way, the present turmoil was necessary so that people gasp for breath and strive for new discovery. Hindutva will understand its limits.

A and B belong to C.
D, E, F, and G are H.
I, J, K, and L are M.
N, O, P are Q.
R is S.T.
U and V  are W.
X and Y have Z class security.
That's the Indian reality.
280220 (Fri)

Ask yourself
Whether you believe
In what you write
Or to please someone
For some favour.
The latter is legitimate
Quite appropriate
Except that it can't
Be tom-tomed as
Ethical epitome.
Taking a stand
On rational ground
Is to surmount
Pulls and strings
And what they bring
And be.

Fifty words
At sixty four
Well past the
Midnight hour.
Millions sleep
They can think
And see merit
In questioning.
Why to believe in
Absurd practices?
And blindly follow
Better to reorder
Our priorities
And revamp
Whole territories
To blow cobwebs
Away from minds.

The question
Is not Hindu-Muslim
Or citizenship
It's meaning.
What's is life
What it's for
Wherefrom it comes
And where does it go?
Forty two have died
For a futile cause
Is a reminder
To seek reason.
Sri Aurobindo wrote
In forty two volumes
Auroville came up
Fifty two years ago.

Solving problems
Without reading
Seminal thoughts
Is stillborn.
Bijli and Pani
All very vital
But nothing more.
Human nature
Complex suture
Caprice galore
Anew ever.
Evolution says
Sri Aurobindo
Is on and kicking
New is in making.
So no riots please
Or old remedies.

It seems that more and more people are coming under the refreshingly transformational influence of The Secret of the Veda authored by Sri Aurobindo over a century ago. Anyone reading its explosive first chapter can't return to his earlier intellectual framework due to subversion.
First chapter of The Secret of the Veda has the potential of overthrowing both Hindutva and Nehruvian fundamentalism. Sri Aurobindo never highlighted this dimension but present events have rendered it relevant. So simple to perceive except those who are Intellectually dishonest.

Quotations are a problem with Sri Aurobindo's way of explicating any notion spread over two-three pages. Further, a lot of prior attunement is needed which develops in the course of reading. Sri Aurobindo and Carl Marx by DPC is the most competently attempted critical enterprise.

Instead of lamenting about degeneration of "our" Republic I as an ordinary and helpless citizen would diagnose it as real discovery of India and how the so called Idea of India was a sham or Colonial imposition. Granting Sovereignty to the States will be the final and logical end.
Blatant fuelling of street politics is negation of Democracy and Civil society. Formidable forces are involved in this vicious game with an eye on power. No patience to wait for five long years. So don't give that any ideological colour or build some hollow ethical superstructure.
Human nature is not perfect but socially responsible behaviour is maintained through education, culture, religion, and law. Defying fragility by instigating prolonged street protests on the pretext of seeking justice can light the fuse of chain reactions of uncontrollable nature.

An artful way of ignoring Sri Aurobindo is to say I haven't read him much. If you are aware of everything under the Sun and have an opinion on any damn thing, then why this omission unless intended? Isn't it a sign of your rating him as worthless? Saying that is much more honest.
With due respect to your scholarship and discernment, may I point out that clubbing Sri Aurobindo with the rest is problematic. Lack of first hand encounter with his writings can create many misconceptions and generalisations. I expect early remedy to the situation; all the best.
Nothing surprising as the same narrative is in vogue for the last seven decades. But even pointing out that and some bold remarks on German Nationalism may not stand scrutiny. That's why I mentioned but with trepidation. Thanks.

A good pretext for ignoring Sri Aurobindo has been his alleged escapism and mysticism. Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) has been encouraging since 2005 to read his books under a critical lens and check for oneself if it has any merit. How one uses what he imbibes is subjective.
People painting Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo as polar opposites is a faulty position. Deeper study and discernment needed to understand the actuality. From a theoretical point of view both advocated Enlightenment values which resemble the Vedic ideals to a great extent. Nuance needed.

While anti and pro #CAA factions are quite vocal, it may appear that there's no other view. Yet Savitri Era Party has an independent opinion on the matter that goes to the root of the problem. Political expediency unfortunately dictates policies instead of genuine love for people.
Most here draw immense satisfaction by spouting hatred and it has become part of their life's mission. Of course, all on the pretext of nationalism or protecting religion. Life is difficult; each one is entitled to find his or her own way of overcoming frustration and depression.
It's the duty of the State to keep its citizens informed instead of leaving them at the mercy of privately run paid media. If we observe the events of last two months, the govt has failed miserably in this respect. I don't know who's behind the protests and who's trying to quell.

Abnormal level of population in India and its geographical vastness and diversity is inflicting enormous hardship upon its inhabitants. Minor incidents in one corner is keeping its entire population tense. A family splits when it grows too big. So Sovereignty to States is a must.
Huge territory may be satisfactory for immature adolescents but lots of people are put to difficulty due to being uprooted, long travel, away from home, linguistically alienated, or culturally strangulated. Psychological factors must receive attention and deserved consideration.

Sri Aurobindo popularised the concept of Integral Yoga encompassing physical, vital, mental, and psychic levels. So examining a thinker or theory in terms of which level it caters to is important. Thus each has its own role and utility. Rising above them is the task and challenge.
Most Intellectuals are obsessed with history, archeological discoveries, or old literature devoted to mysticism. Sri Aurobindo frees us from that burden. He chose exactly how much past was necessary and fused it with the demands of future Evolution to produce a unique concoction.

Sri Aurobindo had his formal education in England and hence the imprint of Western grounding in his writings is unmistakable. Besides he is trying to impress upon the British about the necessity of Freedom. He needs to be assessed through the lens of his intended target audience.
Four important books of Sri Aurobindo should be there in every home.
1. The Human Cycle
2. The Life Divine
3. The Secret of the Veda and
4. Savitri
It's good to make a habit of reading any one page at random from any book, mechanically, without any conscious effort to understand.

Savitri Era Party is an attempt to grow awareness about Sri Aurobindo and develop respect towards him. Right now, he is largely unknown; and even for those who know, is to no avail. This is the factual situation and there's no evidence to the contrary. Yet, sudden change possible.
Poets and philosophers are remembered in all cultures but language poses a barrier in India. Since Sri Aurobindo wrote in English, he is not easily accepted as their own in any region. But his neutral stand on religion can prove to be the panacea for the present political impasse.

You may be right but reading the books of Sri Aurobindo in a scientific spirit has much to offer. And once you know his basic arguments, it's easy to compare with other thinkers profitably. As a philosopher and poet, none can match him; his Vedic Evolutionary prophecy is supreme.
So you can tweet some interesting comparisons for the benefit of others. Most educated people are absolutely ignorant of Sri Aurobindo's writings. Thanks.

I have read and RTed your impassioned plea and on a Darshan Day it must have inspired many. Let's hope some positive response from those at the forefront. Btw reproducing Amazon comments in full made the post too lengthy. They also overshadowed the power of your charged eloquence.
If you harbour even an iota of desire to understand #TheMother & #SriAurobindo, here's a chance just at a glance. #SavitriEra: Sri Aurobindo's theoretical salience @NathTusar Further:
I'm not much familiar and I will check. But I don't think Sri Aurobindo recognises them as Devatas; they are rather impersonal principles. Like, Varuna is Vastness, Mitra is Harmony, etc. Thus, all later philosophical formulations are deformations. Puranas and Epics are creative.
Please read 7 in the light of 10. All these are long term pictures and hence there's nothing to fear. But, even technology is perhaps forcing a more uniform cultural atmosphere, you will agree. Thanks.
Sri Aurobindo has already explained in detail the symbolic and psychological character of deities in his The Secret of the Veda over one hundred years back. Popularising that can disabuse people of the superficial mythological perception. So careful study of #SriAurobindo needed.
Sri Aurobindo's psychological interpretation of the Veda on the other hand opens up new vistas of integral understanding. Relying upon defective worldviews of the past needs to be jettisoned in a scientific spirit. Otherwise it misguides and misleads students & future generation.
Assuming a theory vacuum before a particular date is perhaps not accurate. Darwin's theory of Evolution also begins at the middle alerts Sri Aurobindo and goes on to complete the cycle by incorporating Involution. Rothbard's portrayal of man and purpose of action too is inchoate.

Savitri Era: Babaji Maharaj's Ayodhya connection @NathTusar
[Auro-Mira Service Society decided to work in Kechla as its field of karmayoga, a necessary component part of the Integral Yoga sadhana of #SriAurobindo and the Mother.]

Savitri Era: Self-interest acquires spontaneity, luminosity, and sublimity @NathTusar Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #SavitriEra #MitraVaruna

Let's not forget that the commercial element is predominant due to which vast resources are out of the purview of public view or access. So, concerted effort needed to overcome this barrier and the appetite for name and fame too. Odia language has waited for too long for minimum.
On a critical note, that's the reason Odia songs couldn't attain popularity until Akshaya Mohanty thrust himself into the scene. Full throated singing had died in other languages but a conspiracy can't be ruled out to keep Odia sound primitive and thus denying commercial success.

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