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The Mother is the sole equal of Sri Aurobindo

February 21 is the birth anniversary of The Mother. She came to India to meet Sri Aurobindo on March 29, 1914. She announced that the Supramental Consciousness descended upon earth on February 29, 1956. She was instrumental in founding Auroville on February 28, 1968 #MirraAlfassa

The Mother's life is absolutely unusual and extraordinary. Being the sole equal of Sri Aurobindo and continuing with transformation of consciousness after his departure is a significant adventure against the backdrop of avalanche of confusion and frustration tormenting the world.

Progressive was/is a pet term of Communists; and certainly you don't mean that. But the broad sweep you wish to convey is difficult to establish. No easy criteria or parameters but things are not so gloomy either. My two cents!

Nothing to dispute but as you know, no economy or sector can see a continuous upward march. Let's admit that a lot of speculation and manipulation has marred our functioning as people run after easy money. So a whole new work ethic has to develop and that won't come without pain.

Good that you have come to specifics and I don't think their business model is sound nor are they so important to be patronised. Compare them with some of their equals based in South and you can find where the difference lies. Just my impressions; not any professional appraisal.

I reiterate that the way you paint the situation is at variance with my experiences during my recent travels within the country. There's no such despair among people even in the rural areas. But yes, in a free economy, ups and downs are a must. Robustness will emerge from that.

 I don't know why do you call it destroying capacities. If Air India is being hived off, is it destruction? No, only management changes; young blood is infused. Down-to-earth strategies are devised. A more realistic model with sufficient diversification grows. Creative destruction.

Agree with you but not with the same seriousness that your eloquence conveys. As far as my impression goes, all these will be a thing of the past after Delhi elections. Democracy necessitates some amount of theatre as well as stunts. So, let's put up with them, a bit stoically.

Marx is very perceptive on the positive role of religion but had to harden his stand against it for the sake of Revolution. Sri Aurobindo too takes an akin stand but his purpose is Evolution. Aims are almost similar from a human angle but the later insists on the Vedic impulsion.

Easy to blame city-living or lopsided education for present shortcomings in the society but to miss the Evolutionary intention is the basic flaw. Marx diagnosed many ills of modern civilisation but his relevance ends there. Thereafter Sri Aurobindo narrates the cyclic progression.

Ideas need to be incubated within a small cohesive group. The Mother Sri Aurobindo had intended so but the Ashram format had no scope for social or political engagement. Further, the time was not ripe. Hindutva confusion provides the necessary tension to foreground their solution.

Many have termed reading the books of #SriAurobindo as immersion. Initially one doesn't understand but even after one is able to follow, the need for silence after reading a page or a paragraph is the norm; allowing oneself to be squeezed by the dense prose and even denser ideas.

All hindus aren't hindus; they are divided among multiple persuasions and political convictions. So, the first dishonesty as well as theoretical discrepancy is asserting something on their behalf; a billion of them. The second is to extend the same backwards till 10K BCE or more.

Illusion of the obvious as explained by Sri Aurobindo in The Life Divine teaches to be circumspect about conventional happenings. One is not to mistake popularity, success, or victory as proof of legitimacy. Sri Aurobindo was never overwhelmed by any of his eminent contemporaries.

Overdose of virtue signalling by dropping words like Hindu, Dharma, or Samskar. Had ethics been so easy to practice then Sri Aurobindo wouldn't have undergone a lifetime of Tapasya. Record of Yoga amply demonstrates the kind of struggle and Sisyphus-like frustration he weathered.

Both RSS and Congress are busy peddling some narratives that have proved to be unsuitable for fruition of India's potentialities. Sri Aurobindo saw it as early as 1893 and elaborated from 1906 onwards. Ignoring his sagely vision for a century won't deliver any good to the nation.

Temple visiting culture is content with doing a Pranam. Sri Aurobindo's Yoga however demands much intellectual attunement and modulation even to have a priliminary acquaintance. Most educated persons don't understand this necessity and treat it as superfluous or pedantic. But no.

Democracy in India is not in a happy situation but blaming the past is no solution. Task is to apply corrective and following Sri Aurobindo is the right initiative. Reorienting our thinking according to his predictions and drawing cultural sustenance from his works works wonders.

Centenary of the last year of ARYA (1914-21) is a significant moment for humanity. Spirituality is the key note but emphasis on Modern values and Democratic ethos is unmistakable. These are currently under threat in India but protectors are equally pernicious. #SriAurobindo saves.

Not only politics or sociology became suspect but science and economics too skidded. So blaming current Public Intellectuals may not be justified; they perceive better which side of their bread is buttered. Thus, it's the best opportunity to promote the best brand: #SriAurobindo.

1. Symbolic meaning of gods by #SriAurobindo cuts the root of Mythology and Rituals.
2. He predicts demise of all dominant religions.
3. His stress is on #WorldUnion, and not India alone.
4. He identifies poetry as a means of emotional purification and adventure of consciousness.

Identifying yoga with Ashram might seem normal but Integral Yoga propounded by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is different. Believing in the right political perspective can be a first necessity. Similarly not permitting equal status to other religious personalities is also important.
I haven't heard about him much nor have come across any of his works. If PP was such a great intellectual, then what's his contribution in shaping ideology? What are his salient differences from other major thinkers of Modern India? Any RW journal essay or some critical analysis?

Stoking the fire of Hindu fundamentalism and fanaticism is obviously subversive of Indian Constitution. The way a few foreigners indulge in such sabotage of harmonious collective living in India is patently criminal. But they are feted instead and encouraged to spread more hate.

It needs tons of discernment to divine different motivations while watching a movie by an activist (money apart). But when conflating profession and passion has become common and legitimate, then why this insistence on fig leaf or imaginary perspectives? Or words just to deceive?

What's the solution if we forget all past theories; that's more important than merely discussing the bygone era. From whom we draw inspiration and wisdom for the future is a crucial choice at the moment. And that too when most past paradigms have been discredited or found wanting.

Sri Aurobindo took up many historical nuggets as fodder for his creative endeavour but not for fermenting hatred. His characterisation of different races or nationalities do speak about many negative qualities, but with the sole intention of analysis and overcoming imperfections.

Education should get rid of brick and mortar; no need for schools and colleges. Exams and University Degrees have no use now. Coaching centre model should flourish with emphasis on home study. Short workshops, group travel, and exploration in diverse activities will spur learning.

Nothing to doubt the rigour of logical positivism, analytic philosophy, or scientific method itself. But Sri Aurobindo provides a vista ahead to explore and verify. Recognising this should be a big leap for the humanity but formidable resistance exists due to geographical divide.

If Congress had not kept Sri Aurobindo out of curriculum, the country wouldn't have been in the current ideological mess. Even, minor ethical points are being debated ad nausium which shows how much people lack a reasonable philosophical grounding. Leadership in knowledge needed.

Despite their lofty spiritual powers, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo always reminded that there's no royal highway in Yoga and every inch has to be won. Today very few would claim fighting such a battle or attempting any such foray into higher realms of consciousness. Yet Grace acts.

Ken Wilber introduced Sri Aurobindo to intellectuals in the West but in a subversive manner. Not a single philosopher however thought it deserving to engage with Sri Aurobindo's poetry, philosophy, or political theory in a detailed manner. The world is still poorer to that extent.

Vande Bharat Express is the fastest train in India at present. Sri Aurobindo, similarly, is the greatest poet and philosopher but many are reluctant to admit this. They insist on plurality without any intention of attempting comparison for ascertaining who indeed is the greatest.

Own local situation often forces people to err on national outlook. What's good for a Bengali settled in Assam may not be salutary for other parts of the country. Similarly in a land as vast as India, it's impossible for a Malayali to be sensitive about the plight of a Kashmiri.

They are the mainstay of the economy but the disorderly fashion they operate in is a sad commentary on planning and design. Ramshackle set ups on encroached land with constant fear of harassment by police and other officials is common. Retail needs to be patronised in a big way.

Old forts and temples are good for excursions and picnics or exercise in aesthetics but to grow muscular nationalism around them by pining for past glory can be pathological. Conservation of monuments by overlooking poverty and plight of ordinary citizens often sounds hedonistic.

There can be a thousand pegs to hang a tale on, but to have a peep into some future scenario there's no toehold. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo talk about it and with a sense of inevitability and finality. Savitri itself is replete with concrete descriptions of futuristic situations.

[Yoga of Works: Practioners’ Experiences–M.S. Srinivasan
A review and a commentary of the book Integral Yoga At Works, A Study of Practioners’ Experiences working in Four Professional Fields, by Larry Siedlitz, Phd, Indian Psychology Institute, New Delhi]

Present proponents of Dharma deem it their duty to spread hatred like don't forget. Sri Aurobindo spoke of Sanatan Dharma in his Uttarpara Speech and later brought out a Bengali journal titled Dharma but took up the word Yoga for communicating his notion of knowledge and practice.

Alternative mode of administration for religious places and institutions is a contentious issue. Social sector is full of ambitious and corrupt people who exploit and manipulate. Political interference too is a major worry. So, no easy solution for reform.

Please don't worry; as you know, Sri Aurobindo thought and wrote about all this 100 years back with certain certitude. Creating awareness about it is the only challenge especially in West Bengal. Reviving tradition may satisfy emotion but it hinders Evolutionary momentum. Thanks.

Leftists sought to replace the religions by putting Marx on a pedestal and since then many have attempted other alternatives. The Mother however was wise enough to announce Divinity of Sri Aurobindo quite early and the latter too identified The Divine Mother in no uncertain terms.

Assassination of Gandhi was the most shocking event after Independence but much water has flown down the river Yamuna. It no longer is a touchstone for verifying morality. Demolition of Babri masjid, on the other hand, stands out as the most despicable act even if it's bloodless.

While I agree with your concern, Democracy to my mind is a great leveller. Since Democracy has no predetermined model, how it's evolving in India today needs to be studied dispassionately. Language too needs to be unhinged from Colonial template and Modi represents postmodernism.

[The animal is satisfied with a modicum of necessity; the gods are
content with their splendours. But man cannot rest permanently
until he reaches some highest good...because he is the most discontented, because he feels
most the pressure of limitations...for a remote ideal.] - Sri Aurobindo

Life and humanism don't have much chance here; politics looks lowly. Sri Aurobindo is amplifying the anomaly and absurdity of an animal-like living. It's not a Kingdom of heaven either. For, he aims at to soar beyond; he is sure of that remote ideal. This is unprecedented vision.

Many don't think much of Sri Aurobindo's spiritual achievements and equate him with present day charlatans. So, they have a point, but even a page of Sri Aurobindo can convey his profundity. The Life Divine is not merely an ontological formulation but charts out future Evolution.

Trouble with eminence is that one stops learning. Indoctrination too doesn't allow to welcome new ideas. Again, Exclusive Concentration is at work that has an Evolutionary function. In Savitri too we find various typal worlds. But ultimately integration springs up as consummation.

Many commit the mistake of assessing different phases or facets of a writer or philosopher on a single template. A more discreet course however is to apply the impersonality principle and scrutinise them as discrete. After six years as PM, Modi too needs to be appraised severally.

I was tagged and I answered but later they abused me. This good morning good night group of 40-50 handles is flooding my TL and I don't know how to untag. But, I got a fairly good idea of what illiteracy means. And how it's proliferating with increased prosperity and technology.

Elst's laughable comment as regards narcissistic gods of the Veda needs to be understood against this backdrop. Even the famous humanism of Vivekananda, Tagore, Gandhi, or Ambedkar can easily be contrasted with how Sri Aurobindo navigates so majestically, or rather magisterially.

The Life Divine was written between 1914-19 and was published as a book with substantial additions and revisions during 1939-40. Yet Sri Aurobindo never incorporated the Avatara of Gita or The Mother as personal god in his ontology. This stress on impersonality is a Vedic legacy.

Instead of relegating Yoga to the domain of Spirituality, accepting All life is Yoga is much more fruitful. It entails a constant demand of adhering to desirable thought and behaviour and desist from distasteful action. Those who consider spreading hatred as duty must introspect.

Preserving or defending an idea is good but if done with such vigour or rigour that the very humility and helplessness acquires rigidity and ferociousness, then it's a pernicious development. Many liberal outfits are falling prey to such mobilisation and losing their credibility.

Education, culture, and history are instruments of refining emotions and inculcating freedom but irreverence, arrogance, and hatred have become a fashion, not to speak of deviance, perversion, or violence. Most surprisingly, all in the name of Dharma, Samskar, or even Nationalism.

When was the last time that an Indian philosopher was selected for Padma award or some other form of national recognition? J.N. Mohanty and D.P. Chattopadhyaya deserve Bharat Ratna. But how can illiterates understand the significance of their contribution to the world of thought?

Sri Aurobindo had advised that.

Gopiji, please remember Sri Aurobindo's support on four crucial occasions since you write on history often. It's well documented but most people either are not aware or simply ignore. Your mention can set the record straight. Thanks.

When his car broke down, he called the mechanic and told yaar Rafiq do a good job etc. etc. On reaching home had a cup of tea and then he tweeted Muslims are jihadis and Islam is despotic. This is the most paradoxical picture of present day India which has been fermented by some.

I still don't agree. Dissolution of a company doesn't destroy anything; all gains are still there within the overall economy. They simply reassemble in different avatars with innovations. I have learnt so much from you, but I don't know why you are endorsing Socialist sentiments.

No one is comfortable with normal vision now. Everyone on Twitter is armed with a telescope or a microscope. Predicting the future is a pastime but many talk about events as if they have already happened. Similarly, some are sure of even booth-wise vote-share before the election.

Congress and Leftists banished Sri Aurobindo from text books and a whole generation has been deprived of right knowledge and right orientation on culture, religion, and tradition. A corrective is surely warranted.

You are responding and I'm replying. Simply performing my duty as Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF).
All I'm saying is please read from different sources before forming firm opinions. I'm aghast that so many here are so ignorant about Sri Aurobindo, the greatest son of Modern India.
Something about dreams
Okay, meet someone else

That happens in most States. In fact, before the voting people try to sense who is winning since they don't want to waste their votes. A general attitude of welcoming the hero and be on his side. Thus ideology matters very little or people in general have little stake in ideology

In 1893, Sri Aurobindo questioned the Congress timidity and in 1907, he exposed the Congress duplicity. He was never appreciative of the leadership pattern of Gandhi but rise of Hitler altered his focus and priorities. He supported the War efforts and Churchill became his agent.

Most people are not conversant with the reason behind Sri Aurobindo supporting all British initiatives after 1940. The common enemy was Hitler and it was an epochal challenge to trounce him. Understanding this can clear many cobwebs of doubt and confusion.

Vastness and diversity won't allow any particular ideology dominating the whole country. This has been a constant feature in India in the past but big data and deep state pose a huge threat. Political power isn't a dependable protector of ideology. So, narrative has its validity.

Sri Aurobindo is seldom mentioned in history books but from a causal point of view, history needs to be described afresh keeping him at the centre. When superficial happenings stop to impress, then the deeper Evolutionary interventions and their meanings can clearly be perceived.

Content for News Channels is a contentious issue as reality opportunities have to be generated continuously to keep the viewers hooked. Street protests, celebrity fights, and sundry controversies provide readymade visuals. News relating women too are exploited for Freudian angle.

Neither Congress nor RSS' narrative can be seen as sound or factual. This task is still waiting for someone with integrity. Twitter is full of educated slaves or misguided fanatics. Being true to the country or own conscience is still lightyears away. The Mother can show the way.

That party is already here; why wait for another decade?

You are welcome. @SavitriEraParty

Non-issues dominate as political parties try to befool the public. Those having huge funds can mobilise demonstrations with ease. Yet, drawing legitimacy is not always possible. Even, scholarly books can prove to be a nought. Sri Aurobindo's works lack popularity but are supreme.

I don't tweet much on The Mother as her role in nurturing Sri Aurobindo Ashram with which she's generally identified is only a miniscule part of her Divine Mother status. The way she has been part of my life is so personal and so incredible; not much evidence but no need to prove

Postmodernism undermined philosophy by terming it as literature if not outright fiction. Science has since downgraded itself due to lack of firm conviction. It's not a very happy situation as sceptics, nihilists, and hedonists have a field day. #SriAurobindo acts as the Pole Star.

Thousands of books are published in India today but is there any that examines current ideological currents under a critical lens without any fear or favour? An author with such interdisciplinary competence is hard to find of course. But more rare is to harbour such an intention.

Modi govt is a reasonably good one when compared to all previous govts. Yet a vicious campaign has been launched against it on a false pretext. Most are trying to fish in troubled waters but doing harm to Democratic norms. Unwarranted criticism in unrestrained language must stop.

Inflated apprehensions against #CAA can be compared with Vinod Rai's infamous Presumptive Loss Theory. Playful protests are undermining the scope for future occasions when they might be really needed. Liar Cowboy story of raising false alarm about a tiger shouldn't be forgotten.

Nehru or Radhakrishnan couldn't recognise the greatness of Sri Aurobindo...

Many thanks for your intiative in this highly relevant activity. While visits to old religious places or heritage is necessary, adding new sites like Sri Aurobindo's Relics Centres in your future trips can add not only veriety but also some amount intellectual stimulation. Thanks

Unbecoming of a handle which uses the name and picture of Sri Aurobindo. Blatant misrepresentation. Sad.

Thanks. Many times I have toyed with the idea but somehow hasn't materialised. Let's hope @riminamohapatra and @silikamohapatra take some initiative in the matter. @MohapatraSneh

[The task is Herculean, the goal is distant and would take a long time to traverse. Let all students and teachers of Sri Aurobindo’s school of thought resolve that they would not lose heart] Jagmohan (Renaissance man of India Deccan Chronicle May 30, 2009)

[So isn't this a very Dogmatic & Fundamentalist approach you have Sir? Basically you are saying that Only Sri Aurobindo & No one else got it right? All the Books prove that Only he is the Supreme Guru?
Everyone else is immature,  etc etc. Anyone who disagrees is a Fool
[His arguments were about exactly like those of the Zihadis or the Evangelists for their Faith
Only My " Guru/ Prophet/ Son of God" is Right. Everyone else is wrong Every other Teacher/ Preacher was immature Only
" intellectuals/authors" understood My Guru 
True God is 4 everyone!]

You sound to be a dictator but I don't think you own Twitter. First ensure your replies don't enter my TL before threatening me.

Thanks for the concern but even morning walks aren't safe in this country. As you know, ports are the safest place but ships are not built for that. Besides, thanks to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, I believe in an Ontology which doesn't allow random happening. Only what's ordained.

[Loved your port and ship analogy! Respect your stand!🙏]
Instead of delving too much into the past, it's necessary to recall recent events. Ramdev's Bharat Swabhiman rally in Ramlila Maidan in June 2010. A report said that being an Arya Samaji, he is going to challenge Hindutva. Yoga yoked to politics. Rajiv Dixit died in November 2010.
He repeated the rally in a bigger way after one year. Then came IAC and Anna, AK, and Kiran Bedi. Nobody had any clue who's behind the whole agitation. Biggest gainer was media; power to ferment events by selective coverage. Modi harnessed all these to inch forward toward the top

You seem to indicate that there's nothing in between. India itself has undergone numerous transformation during the last 100 years. So preferring something fixed is itself flawed and arbitrary. Besides changes are a constant for reasons Evolutionary as per Sri Aurobindo's vision.

When educated persons are unable to understand what's right mix for their own food which is so crucial for the body, to decide and execute the right mix of reading material or entertainment is well-nigh impossible. Sri Aurobindo's postulate of Exclusive Concentration is spot on.

Anything to do with Delhi elections? What's the hurry?

I don't think the general perception about the PM has changed much after six years at the top. His image management is certainly handled by sophisticated teams so also the priorities of his govt. Besides international expertise as well as lobbyists are always there. It's complex.

I don't think we have discussed anything in detail barring a stray encounter. If you are thinking long term that really should succeed, then own pet theories have to be given up in favour of what Sri Aurobindo predicts. It's not idle philosophy as you imagine; concrete blueprint.
Once again I say that it's not simply philosophy nor historical utopia. There's no other ideology suitable for the future than what Sri Aurobindo avers. You are free to disagree but don't dismiss him lightly. Even non else than Elst is unable to appreciate his contribution. Alas!
I'm as strict with myself as with others since what I'm telling is not mine. I'm simply reproducing the point of view of someone who left seventy years back. And there's no one else in the whole country to say what I'm saying. Twitter is for communication; so take it or leave it.
So admirably put and absolutely unequivocal. Additionally, there's no agony involved in Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary vision of the future for it's inextricably imbued with the Vedic harmony and optimism. How even Elst misses this is surely a mystery. He hasn't read #SriAurobindo.

Anonymity provides the luxury of overdose of bravado but the reality is much more complex and unpredictable. Each language in India is a distinct Nation and the States need to be given Sovereignty under a loose Federation. The fate of erstwhile USSR has to be replicated in India.

Thanks for the half-support but Churchill too had similar apprehensions and even later After Nehru who? etc. What I'm proposing is the foundation of #WorldUnion, so forcefully predicted by Sri Aurobindo in his #FiveDreams broadcast in 1947. Your last point is a good justification.

Menace of Communism may not be a dominant factor today but the need for smaller cohesive nations where last-mile Democracy and Development is more probable has accentuated. To give voice to that and help it take shape is the present imperative. Sri Aurobindo's prediction is that.

Agree and I respect philosophers including Marx. Nothing definitely can be told about the future but sensing what's most feasible depending upon the current situation is the task. Besides Western thinkers are not much aware about India as Sri Aurobindo is. That's a big plus point.

I find Sri Aurobindo's work more scholarly and insightful. I would like to recommend the book, "Sri Aurobindo and Karl Marx" by D.P. Chattopadhyaya strongly for understanding the Evolutionary trajectory and how rediscovery of the Veda is essential for world peace and human unity.
Even when considering the Veda, one has to be very selective. Any other interpretation than that of Sri Aurobindo will misguide and mislead. Evolution theory came from the West but Sri Aurobindo has admirably explained it in terms of Adventure of Consciousness to Mitra and Varuna.

No bar on admiring and I'm not imposing anything. I'm only sharing what I'm convinced of out of my lifelong research. Rest rests on each one's own level of curiosity, aspiration, and evolution. Recognising quality however is key to pursuit of excellence and emergence of intuition.

Vivekananda simply tried to popularise various threads of knowledge prior to him right from Rammohan. He died young; can't be relied upon for mature opinion. Those who read him remain misguided unless they turn to Sri Aurobindo. There's no compulsion to rever him; it's a bondage.

Congress has its root in Western, Colonial, Theosophical, Christian, Modern, Secular, or Liberal strands of ideology garnished with Leftist leanings. Not a bad situation but Dynastic failures like what happened to Akbar can't be mended. Time's games are very cruel on this score.

Your remarks are superficial and shows that you haven't read much. Rammohan can't simply be dismissed for his conversion as in the wake of his knowledge revolution, India got the chance to be redefined. There's a wide gulf between Ramakrishna and Vivekananda; they are poles apart.

Majority is surely the most determining factor in a Democracy but aristocracy of knowledge can never be overthrown. All of us learn and evolve and it's a lifelong journey. So there nothing finality about all these things. Conviction however is fundamental.

It's a question of perception and Congress supporters don't agree with your evaluation of the current situation. That's reason enough for introspection for accommodating the benefit of the doubt. I'm similarly giving voice to an alternative paradigm which needs to be scrutinised.

There might be a grain of truth in your observations but overlooking the wide-ranging fermentation of knowledge and re-evaluation of tradition in the course of Bengal Renaissance is hard. This conversation is simply a continuation of what was initiated then. No selective amnesia.

I don't know how to untag; you are free to mute or block. But you should also indicate What's to be done. Pl. read about The Mother too and assess her contributions. That will open a new world of real challenges and human responsibilities. #MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams

Just google: Mother Sri Aurobindo. You must have heard about Auroville; if not, please pay a visit. Highly inspirational and educative. For understanding India, grounding in #SriAurobindo is a fundamental requirement; no escape from this obligation. Be Indian, Be SriAurob-Indian.

You must indicate how it will be restored; what are the steps and time-frame. Blind belief is Quixotic as events are not within your control. So, better aim for realistic targets for drawing the best advantage. These are part of self-management and sound intellectual development.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain my position even though you differ widely. That much is of immense value as far as service to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is concerned. Dissemination of ideas even against adverse environment has its Evolutionary utility and value.
If there's no single guru of perfection, then prudence demands that they should be checked one by one. You can undertake such a project and still remain confused. Thus there's no fullproof formula. As regards Sri Aurobindo, however, there are many books establishing his supremacy

You are communicating a specific narrative which is peculiar to your own background but lacks authenticity and coherence. But what I tell has already been claimed by numerous authors of repute. To refute that is not easy as it will necessitate enormous scholarship. So you can try.

Very right but I'm simply reproducing what I have read from scores of highly perceptive authors. Please don't blame me if you haven't come across them earlier. But all of them insist that Sri Aurobindo can be described only by superlatives, nothing less. I won't urge you to agree.

I was tagged and am replying to the queries of different persons in this long thread. Not a single tweet from my own side. But, I hope I have been able sow the seed which will germinate in time.
In fact, it's a new religion. You can google Savitri Era Religion and find my group of blogs. #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #SavitriEra

Odisha was the first State to be formed on language basis in 1936. Death of P. Sreeramulu in 1952 forced the creation of Andhra the next year. Formation of Telangana however is an anti Evolutionary step; so also the three capitals in Andhra. Unification and Sovereignty is a must.
Reunification of Bengal might seem a dream but is a firm Evolutionary possibility. The Bande Mataram of Bankim hasn't lost any relevance and pre-1905 position must be restored with Sovereignty. Religion will cease to be a dividing factor and it's not a Secular dispensation either.
First burst of demand for Sovereignty on language basis is likely to emerge from Karnataka where it's simmering strongly. Many talk about South India but the concept is stillborn due to antagonism among the four major languages. Besides the languages represent cultural disparates.
India has witnessed interesting phases of politics since Sri Aurobindo's departure in 1950. Castes seem to be receding to the background as a prime bonding factor among people and religion is being foisted to garner votes. Savitri Era Party believes in breaking their unholy hold.

There are all kinds of people among the admirers, followers, or devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo but after having the privilege of Yoga and Spiritual experience or attaining expertise on the Veda and Sanskrit, how some still subscribe to fundamentalist ideology is a riddle.

What wisdom and how many times it needs to be repeated. Such great philosophical breakthrough almost equalling Copernican revolution. There's nothing else more important than this. All other issues are negligible before this.

Fine, but cause and effect too suffer from uncertainty since there's no absolute correlation between them. So, my request is to negotiate with current realities without flying too high or appearing as ET. Btw, if you don't start with a couple of dots at the beginning, it's better

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have devised a whole syllabus for self management, cultural enhancement, and community living in a modern environment. Those defying in favour of obscurantism or superficialism obviously become tools of obstruction and resistance. Prudence is essential.

Collective muscle flexing is normal under many pretexts but commensurate benefit or strength is doubtful. Anonymous handles are cause of further lack of credibility and loss of legitimacy. Political affinity stokes suspicion and nails absence of objectivity. So, sagacity matters.

Defining one's own position is a much more honest action than categorising others. Of course it takes time to understand oneself as one's beliefs and convictions grow or change. While DP has matured SM seems to be in the larval stage. Looks like end of camouflage like MP earlier.

Macro is another narco. Economy, environment, geopolitics, immigration, etc consume a lot of energy and imagination. Even spirituality is about impersonal, universal or even transcendent. They lull the mind and often have the opposite effect of dumbing down. Body enforces balance.

Do you mean a wealthy Vaishya has more merit than a poor Brahmin? It's a wrong comparison. In matters of Statecraft, one man one vote is the primary one; more enlightened voting is the privilege of Parliament and then in Cabinet. It's the learned who always exercise an upper hand.

Water may be available everywhere but for drinking one has to choose carefully. Same is with culture and tradition and it's not easy for a person. So guidance from a suitable source is essential but selecting one is difficult task. Thankfully, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are there.

Stories are mostly meant for children and not exactly for adults who in turn are expected not only to learn history but also to endeavour to make some as well. Thanks for the attention and prompting me to craft this tweet. Courage is also another form of displaying transparency.

Seems valid under this reductionist lens but a gamut of perspectives are involved. Society, community, relatives, children, reputation, finance, disease, old age etc. So it's safe to assume that present conditions form the distilled wisdom of myriad combinations and permutations.

Too conventional because market and economy refuse to be slaves of any. Fearing churning is against the very fundamentals of market dynamics. Better to tighten the seatbelts for a roller coaster journey. This is also in consonance with postmodernism. (Carrying coal to Newcastle!)

Much before Sri Aurobindo, Kant talks about human unity and Perpetual Peace. Let's hope, it takes a concrete shape without waiting for too long. #FiveDreams #WorldUnion

I think the thrust of my response is on history and not sympathy. Wordsmiths are responsible for creating narratives and even a minor tilt can cause warped perception by millions. Thus any wrong use of an epithet like terrorist should be avoided; Sri Aurobindo is also called one!

Put well, and I agree wholeheartedly. Would like to clarify that I'm a vociferous opponent of Hindutva and to a large extent of Gandhi too. I'm against glorifying Godse (btw, he reminds of Waiting for Godot) but his biographical account shouldn't exclude whatever goodness he had.

History as an academic discipline has this responsibility; that's without emotions. Like, Wikipedia will have an entry but contents can be disputed. Historians often distort due to ideological commitment or political pressure. So, avoiding any rigid view is what fairness demands.

Many people have made a career out of old wounds and this industry is proliferating. Followers of Sri Aurobindo have this duty not to add fuel to the fire. Our task is to spread the message of human unity and world peace. Real conditions are dismal but repeating ideas can dispel.

What clarity and what precision! And from a person with such competence and wisdom. Let's hope, young generation relies on data and theory than being swayed by mere rhetoric. Once the fundamentals are understood, objectives can be reworked accordingly. Past formulations misguide.

Paucity of neutral views is so acute that people don't believe if they spot one. Lack of proper grounding and healthy discussion makes people insular, insolent, and intransigent. Copious exposure to high decibel TV debates have the dumbing down effect leading to puerile smugness.

First job is to record facts as objectively as possible. Understanding underlying motivations or hidden factors however involve much speculation. Besides, there's no one interpretation. Thus the therapeutic purpose you hint at as a normative would vary. Thanks for the kind words.

I haven't read his biography but he was certainly engaged in many activities above his own selfish interests. So, no doubt, he had that social instinct and had contact with influential persons of his time. I'm not insisting on sympathy towards him but he was no ordinary murderer.

Narrative war is on and support for keeping Gandhi at the centre comes from several quarters. Sri Aurobindo continues to be ignored but has significant relevance for the current situation. Right academic approach can foreground both for objective appraisal of their contributions.

When Paul Johnson disclosed that "intellectuals lead bad lives" in 1989 it created a huge furore. But in India people continue to search for perfect saints and sages. This comes out of juvenile depiction of characters in mythological fiction and elsewhere.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander but One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Thus, giving the benefit of the doubt and forsaking selective amnesia can unearth many hidden aspects of the past and reorient the young generation about future imperatives.

Being in power and that too in World's largest Democracy has transformed many fundamental principles of RSS. How it evolves in the days to come will be interesting to observe. So hoping for a more open and democratic environment shouldn't be ruled out. Right now, nothing to fear.

Difficult to judge people and events but thanks to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, there's no confusion about Hitler. Much before his rise, Sri Aurobindo had warned about asuric potentialities of Overman conceptualised by Nietzsche. How this plays out in India today is worth studying.

Marxist historians have propagated lopsided priorities and points of view due to their vested interests. The entire history of the freedom struggle needs to be retold incorporating suppressed facts. Then only one can weigh different people or events with accuracy. Who will do it?

Elections are high stakes games where falsehoods galore; that's how Democracy legitimises dishonesty in discourse. Yet, one primary imperative of Vedic Evolutionary ascent towards Mitra and Varuna is truth. But paid handles flout that with impunity; impervious of Karma or Dharma.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo so significantly and magnificently represent integration of West and East in their essentiality for furthering human civilisation. No dichotomy is involved nor any conflict; difficulties are the same, challenges are akin: falsehood, death, and suffering.

My point is, RSS is now part of a democratic apparatus and global scene and hence is bound to undergo metamorphosis. Criticism may be valid but citizens have to accept the reality instead of cribbing constantly at the behest of some political parties occupying Opposition benches.

During UPA rule, the office of the Prime Minister suffered a significant blow and in my opinion, Modi has restored its dignity as conceived in the Constitution. That itself is a big achievement despite his costume drama which I despise. That he comes from the grassroots is a plus.

So many things have changed over the years including the date but one thing remains permanent about the Budget. Ruling faction will praise it to the skies and Opposition will denounce it. How such a hard-nosed exercise with facts and figures can delude both the sides is a mystery.

Even if I agree with you, what to do? He is the PM till 2024. So trying to find some merit can provide a balanced scenario.

You should vote for me, then!

It'd be more appropriate to consult Freud rather than superficially ascribing it to feudalism. But then that's symptoms only; solution is with Sri Aurobindo.

Harsh vs. Harsh. Watch out!

That's like a good IAS/RSS

Oh! Praise for Gandhi is interesting; some soft corner?

By manuscript, do you mean the ancient ones only or any unpublished written material? Most educated persons write but they remain in personal diaries or notebooks. Do they have any future? That's of course a gigantic venture.

Go (light or knowledge) is stolen by Vrtra and kept hidden within its coils or caves and Indra (Mind) recovers them by slaying Vritra, the serpent. (in terms of Sri Aurobindo's interpretation)

February carries that possibility of harmony and wonder yet to be dreamt. She walked upon this planet, almost unknown, yet kept up that vision of the Golden bridge alive in spite of formidable resistances. Hard to understand her despite Sri Aurobindo shedding light so profusely.

[A dream loitered in the dumb mind of Space,
Time opened its chambers of felicity, ...
Three thoughtful seasons passed with shining tread
And scanning one by one the pregnant hours
Watched for a flame that lurked in luminous depths,
The vigil of some mighty birth to come.]


[A greatness from our other countries came
A silence in the noise of earthly things
Immutably revealed the secret Word
A mightier influx filled the oblivious clay
A lamp was lit a sacred image made
A mediating ray had touched the earth
Bridging the gulf between man'smind and God's]

Savitri Era: Shelley, Keats, and Savitri
#SriAurobindo @NathTusar

Ei sataranga minakara used to be an iconic song of Pranab Pattnaik on radio. Requesting @odiamelody if it's possible to upload it and secure its status.
(The tune has some similarity with the Bengali song: Ami cheye cheye dekhi saradin by Shyamal Mitra)

From my diary and I was 20 then. Bou was later released as Mamata. #OldOdiaMovie #Y1975

Am reminded of the Budha Sankhari story which was so poignantly woven into the script of Mamata. Master Mania played the role majestically and made the movie memorable for ever.
Full song
Yes, as per the news reports. The song book cover featuring Sujata and Prashant Nanda.

Adinia podapitha

You mean, Ghaziabad - where I'm residing since April 1998 - is in Delhi? But, agree, your experiences might have been different.

My encounter in 1974

Counter encounter in 1995

September 3, 2004 #poem
Stranger by @NathTusar

Symptoms only, no solution.
Right Ontology is missing,
The causal, the hidden will;
And the aim, Evolutionary.
Sri Aurobindo tells it all,
In his tome The Life Divine.

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