Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Selecting the right lens

Right understanding of the past is essential for possessing a sound perspective for the future. History of ideas has been a fertile field since May 1968. Attemts like The Human Condition can be accused of a tilt but each book has its own merit. So, exerercising utmost caution while offering any linear narrative is vital.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo present an altogether different spectrum studded with large doses of speculation. Their view of the past needs to be analysed transcending the threshold of faith and devotion. Let's hope Lele succeeds where Wilber failed.

Misc. References:

1. The opposite of Christianity https://t.co/VmUN3JXKb2

2. A book on how virtue helps us flourish https://t.co/5vbTk9n9pZ

3. The Bliss of the Eternal Permeates the Entire Universe https://t.co/33z73ObmwV

4. The Supramental Influence Will Impact Mind, Life and Body https://t.co/E0wRqrZxl8

5. Enjoyed this essay. Relevant paper linked below offering a Whiteheadian interpolation attempting to move us beyond representationalism and enactivism https://t.co/BYc47r3gyj

6. A student of mine just nailed it: “The genius of Whitehead’s process philosophy is in the replacement of translational motion (vectorally oriented in a linear flow) to transitional motion (wholes to parts to wholes in process) as fundamental.”

7. I write about this issue a little bit in my chapter on Whitehead and theoretical biology https://t.co/GmPmQWSaE0

8. Another teacher of mine, Eric Weiss, died yesterday.
He was an integral philosopher, scholar of A. N. Whitehead and Sri Aurobindo. 
Eric initiated me into the Whitehead mystery school back in my first semester at CIIS in Fall 2008. I was a night owl back then but still dragged myself out of bed at 6am every week to BART over from Oakland for his 8:30am class. The first time he tried to speak Whiteheadese to us, I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. But it did startle me awake.
Something about internally related drops of experience perishing into objective immortality in the consequent nature of God... Again, no idea what that might mean at the time, but the passion in his voice and the vortexes streaming from his eyes had me convinced it was worth trying to figure out. Bon voyage, Eric
PS - How auspicious that you passed on Aug 15, which is Sri Aurobindo's birthday as well as the date of the Assumption of Mary.

9. Life, for Sri Aurobindo, is the mutual commerce connecting matter & mind in the manifest universe, an “intermediate energizing of conscious being [that] liberates into sensitive action & reaction a form of the creative force of existence which was working subconsciently or

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