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Sri Aurobindo is pivotal to history

Right understanding of the past is essential for possessing a sound perspective for the future. History of ideas has been a fertile field since May 1968. Attemts like The Human Condition can be accused of a tilt... So, exerercising utmost caution while...

TV and Internet teach in a variety of ways apart from general and professional education plus job experience. Still, the situation of any individual is precarious and lopsided. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo invite to examine what is missing. They tell about the hidden forces of life.

Inferiority complex is so rampant in India that no one dares to occupy the top position but Savitri Era Party has no competition today in terms of ideology and future vision. But the copy-paste brigade unfortunately fail to realise this opportunity and are content with servility.

The best way to look at the galaxy of great men involved in the struggle for independence is that they are all different characters in a gigantic play. That way the scene becomes interesting instead of blaming them for the part they played. This in fact is the spiritual approach.

The right way to know about Sri Aurobindo is to understand in what respects he differs from his contemporaries like Vivekananda, Tilak, Tagore, Gandhi, or Brajendra Nath Seal. They were all influenced by the West yet in highly differing ways. Current discourse should take lessons.

This is the first honest portrayal of Sri Aurobindo as a Theory hand as Neelakandan has been very reluctant and constipated in the past. Still the full throated acclaim is awaited but he has been able to show who the real boss is. Now all books need to be recalibrated or rejected.

It's heartening to see more and more people learning about and developing appreciation for Sri Aurobindo. But it's not an easy task as it takes at least a decade. Working for Savitri Era Party OTOH can impart the right orientation and sense of achievement and no school or college.

Amusing to notice tweets quoting Sri Aurobindo validating gods and goddesses as if it's his main work. People are so bonded to the past that they even use The Mother & Sri Aurobindo for this. Strange that devotees don't accept them fully and put their legs in two different boats.

My request is to incorporate the arguments on Karma presented by Sri Aurobindo (in both prose and poetry)... It’s good that Lele is pragmatically arriving there without reading Sri Aurobindo... Lele will find a very good authority for his “cherry picking.”

For many years it was mainstream and everyone believed in the same paradigm. So much so that even Girilal Jain had to wait for his retirement. Now also most seem to have succumbed to a similar kind of smugness but Savitri Era Party keeps on reminding them about lack of legitimacy.

Disinformation campaigns have multiplied and institutional initiative needed to unearth truth. But a basic challenge is to accept the new interpretation of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo so that falsehoods can be dismantled. Research on root sounds will open many pathways to meaning.

Misc. References:

1. Mr. Chandranath Basu used world Hindutva for the first time in the modern history of India, he penned down a book with a title ‘Hindutva’ as back as in 1892 unfortunately the narration by him about Hindutva is least known in public domain.

2. History may or may not repeat but it definitely rhymes and it rhymes with clarion amplification when political conditions in country spin out with same issues. The urge in the people to revive history gathers momentum once they are settled with a belief that for considerable period their rights are thrown to wind by not hitting at the root cause of problems which they are grappling with. Hindutva is one of such topics which have long hermeneutical history, right wing ideologues hold Hindutva in high regard at epistemological level and for left leaning intellectuals, Hindutva is force of devastation which inherently foments divisiveness in the society.
Forgotten Voices of Hindutva Aug 27, 2020 Shrijeet Phadke
Rishi Rajnarayan Basu is also one of the chapters of history of forgotten Hindutva voices. He was not only a maternal grandfather of Yogi Aurobindo but a vocal supporter of Hindutva...
A thought of ‘Swadeshi’ therefore could be sensed in his ideological set up and it would not be wrong to brand him as a pioneer of Swadeshi ideology. 

3. THE ENIGMA OF HEROES: Revolutionary nationalists as guiding spirits. I write for #TheFreedomIssue2020 of @Openthemag
The Enigma of Heroes
Revolutionary nationalists as guiding spirits
Sudeep Paul | 13 Aug, 2020 In Memories of My Life and Times (1932), Bipin Chandra Pal, tracing a significant departure in Giuseppe Mazzini’s career, wrote: ‘Secret assassinations, Mazzini discovered, paid a premium to moral cowardice…The policy and methods of the Carbonari could not possibly find an effective remedy to this moral disease. Mazzini, therefore, left the Carbonari and boldly faced the persecutions of the Austrian government.’ 
Mazzini, in India, is forgotten but he served at one time as shorthand for all Western influences on Indian nationalism, including the French Revolution, Russian anarchists, and revolutionaries across Europe. 

4. @arvindneela on the unexplored connection between Sri Aurobindo, Sayajirao Gaekwad, and Babasaheb Ambedkar:

5. Those familiar with Holland’s oeuvre will already be acquainted with his extraordinary talent for fusing gripping story telling with historical narrative ...
Superbly written in his distinctive punchy style, one senses an almost hymnal rhythm to the prose, punctuated by occasional ribaldry and with a soupcon of dry English wit. Holland’s rich mélange of humour, solemnity, horror and poignancy is served with an elegance few writers could hope to emulate. 
of all my blog posts over the years I really do recommend you read this one.]

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