Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Clear indication of the value and goal

Looks like Sandeep has resumed posting regularly after a gap of three years and discusses a very practical problem of reading the books of different gurus which he himself undertakes for responding to diverse queries. A sort of occupational hazard which, thankfully, I have been spared of.

Ghosal's comment on suffering is candid but shouldn't be intimidating since there's no better joy and security than the feeling of being in The Mother's hands. Secondly, reading is only one part restricted to 1% of the devotees. 

In any case, experience is put at a higher level than reading or intellectual grasp. But observing the political stance of a few who boast of experience alerts against such spiritual powers. So, personally, it's okay with me without any experience! TNM 27.01.21 #ARYA100Years (1914-21)

Misc. References

People who read too many spiritual books can go off-track. They waste their time intellectually resolving some messy conundrums. For example, Sri Aurobindo says A, Ramana Maharshi says B, Paramahansa Yogananda says C : lets intellectually figure out who is correct. The purpose of the spiritual … Continue reading

Sri Aurobindo’s magnum opus on spiritual philosophy, 'The Life Divine'; and 'Savitri', a more complete and poetic description of his experiences and a summary of his spiritual philosophy are most important contribution that can serve mankind well for atleast a few thousand years!

3. Goutam Ghosal @GoutamGhosal2
Assimilation of Sri Aurobindo's wisdom comes only after a great suffering- mere reading of Sri Aurobindo cannot help much. Unless one is broken to pieces by the Mother, realisation doesn't come. Even if one is carrying the sadhana from previous lives suffering is the only path.
For other writers 3 or 4 years are enough. But one has to spend a lifetime to speak or relate 1% of Sri Aurobindo. Suffering is the condition for even 1% of realisation. Hard path!

 of Light - Sri Aurobindo This book is a guide to the future evolution of consciousness and gives all those who aspire for something more luminous and harmonious a clear indication of the value and goal of their efforts. #aurobindo #integralyoga

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