Thursday, January 28, 2021

Towards a victory of simplicity

Developments on various fronts point to fruition of prophecies so boldly announced by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Consolidation and joining the dots are the right task at present. Thus, the era of Only connect is over; Marxists have done enough of them. A more conscious or mindful approach is needed. No one, obviously, is endowed with precience but being led in the right way is possible through sufficient persistence. Some steps can be wrong or may look absurd but the faith on an infallible guidance should be there.

Science and technology have invented many languages to fathom the secrets of nature. Music and art too have played their roles in weaving complexity. But let's keep the confidence that the final formula reveals in ordinary language of everyday comprehension. Neither panoptic nor kaleidoscopic; something like the blue sky. That would be the victory of ultimate simplicity and beauty. TNM 28.01.21 #ARYA100Years (1914-21)

Misc. References

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Once (one interpretation of) a Panth of Dharma takes on such attributes of exclusivist monotheism (even if in this case not particularly proselytising yet) this hatred for coexistence is inevitable because as Aurobindo said India is nothing without Dharma. The Mosaic distinction.

"Wilber has acknowledge the influence of Aurobindo, but his theory is marked by problems; being a totalistic structure which includes & renders irrelevant all other metaphysical formulations & systems of practice. Aurobindo's yoga by contrast recognizes radical plurality" Banerji

"Contrary to current general usage, what is meant here by Yoga encompasses a range of psycho-spiritual practices not necessarily associated with physical disciplines. At the same time it is not restricted to, though it includes, the classical system associated with Patanjali."
(Hartz, 'A Larger Self: Aurobindo and the Science and Art of Yoga')

… I am delighted to know that Dr. Purna Chandra Pradhan has written a book titled, “Practicability: Steps Ahead of Probability” on this kind of feeling to help provide some sort of peace out of ethical thinking amidst the developing science of modern era …
… Sri Aurobindo's philosophy says that the transformation of consciousness to Divine Life bringing immortality on earth is already started working in Nature. In this context, limited human calculation and hence probability of prediction …

6. In Search of Territory: Women's Existential Traverse Through Varied Routes M Chakravorty - Cross-Fertilizing Roots and Routes, 2021
… is derived from the traditionalists, an aspirant to the egalitarian society may reply that it is derived from a pre-industrial, pre-technological era in which … details of the ritual as given in this source explains how by uttering the hymns …

A dissertation submitted by Yuria Bartolom√© to Pacifica Graduate Institute in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Mythological Studies …

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