Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Stepping stone towards harmony and beauty

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were confident that they are offering something new and unprecedented. They never depended upon any past formulation or established system. They spoke many things to facilitate understanding but that needn't be taken literally.

They didn't show any specific commitment towards present mode of life or society and predicted revolutionary changes. All these may be unsettling to many but it's true. But such anarchist tendency should be seen as a stepping stone towards harmony and beauty.

So, those pathetic attempts to portray Sri Aurobindo in terms of one's pet images is wholly uncalled for. Attempting to understand the intention of the Masters and not cram or parrot their words is the challenge. Encountering Sri Aurobindo with an open mind and interrogating him from diverse perspectives is the task. TNM 26.01.21

Misc. References

1. I appreciate that Hägglund is a philosopher in the true sense: he is a genuine lover of wisdom, and a seeker of it. Hägglund is asking questions that Socrates and Plato and Aristotle asked, about what a good human life is.

2. 2019. Afterword to Ananta Giri, ed., Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo

3. Sri Aurobindo, like many postmodern thinkers, is aware of the need to go beyond Aristotelian/Euclidean logic in metaphysics. He expresses this need in advocating what he calls a “logic of the infinite.” ... Sri Aurobindo has a rather special way of dealing with complementarity. His thought depends heavily on a relationship which I call “asymmetrical complementarity.”

4. shift in consciousness ... is not dependent on the form of religious devotion ... Thus, Sri Aurobindo does not require adherence to a specific religious tradition... regardless of one’s religious background, one can take up and practice the integral Yoga and work toward the transformation of human consciousness and life.

5. Makarand R Paranjape 
@MakrandParanspe “The world waits for the rising of India to receive the divine flood in its fullness.” -Sri Aurobindo, Karmayogin gulfnews.com/opinion/op-eds
writes in @gulf_news
: An ancient civilisation & modern, invigorated nation pledges to fulfil their own dreams. #RepublicDay

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