Monday, January 18, 2021

Savitri Era Narrative stands on a firm footing

Savitri Era has been a cyber citizen since 2005 and during this fifteen years must have touched the thinking of at least 2000 persons and it isn't a small figure. Almost all of them have disagreed or ignored but only as a response to this provocation. However, I have never found any contradiction in my thinking as it was a natural way. Thus, it proves that there can be multiple perspectives and respect for each is essential.

But there are other dimensions. It's political and sociological. Earlier, I have used the phrase degee and pedigree which I lacked. I'm not playing the victim card but just telling the fact. Of course, most lack backing and have the same experience. This is a serious issue in India as people of one language group avoiding speakers of other languages.

Be that as it may, the Savitri Era Narrative stands on a firm footing. Both pride and gratitude for being an instrument in this venture where most have faltered. Let's hope that the world will come around to accept what I have been telling till now.

[The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are greater than cold print. Staying loyal to them is the key as Evolution happens in real time. ~TNM
11:06 PM · May 15, 2014]

[Hägglund is asking questions that Socrates and Plato and Aristotle asked, about what a good human life is. ~Amod Lele]

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