Friday, April 13, 2007

The hand that kneaded Homer and Hegel together

[Hence in our own differing ways, both Matthew and I are advocating the unending conversation...posted by CJ Smith @ 3:41 PM 11:03 AM
I hope that sufficiently clarifies I am not against MD's (nor the Great Ideas/Classical Ed.) approach altogether. Just the point at which it won't recognize its own terminus. When it does not admit its own boundaries then it makes (to my mind) specious claims like that postmodernism is too vague to mean anything. posted by CJ Smith @ 3:42 PM 11:22 AM see comments section here 11:36 AM]

So the Arnoldian model that Sri Aurobindo advocated is still a darling of the 21_21 generation. How reassuring! The hand that kneaded Homer and Hegel together, and harmonized the Veda with evolution is over us leading us in the right direction. [TNM] 1:32 PM

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