Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Life Divine builds a bridge between religion and philosophy

[Let’s absolutely not get into a discussion of religion…
It seems reasonable when students of philosophy in the West exhibit either indifference or abhorrence towards discussing religion. For them religion implicitly means Christianity in the mainstream and a smattering of Buddhism, tangentially. Christian theology, obviously, is incompatible with the kind of sophisticated thinking that philosophy permits at present. And hence the disconnect.
The Life Divine, in contrast, builds a bridge between religion and philosophy without forsaking any critical scrutiny the modern mind loves to apply. This is the only book in the world where such a synthesis has been consummated to be available at one place. Lack of sufficient awareness about the book is depriving many earnest seekers to reap its benefits. Savitri Erans have a big responsibility here towards their fellow readers. [TNM]

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