Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Inspiring and invigorating teachings

[Buddhism is national religion, Thai monks say 2007/4/18 BANGKOK, Thailand, AP
Hundreds of monks rallied in Thailand on Tuesday for Buddhism to be enshrined in the constitution as the country's national religion, amid a worsening Islamic insurgency in the Muslim south. china post
Constitution contains no state religion
As a Buddhist, Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) chairman Prasong Soonsiri said he wants Buddhism to flourish, but it was not important to include such a declaration in the constitution. Sqn-Ldr Prasong has shrugged off the call for Buddhism to be declared the official national religion in the new charter.
bangkok post By Penchan Charoensuthipan]
Savitri Era as the new global religion is in operation for more than half a century. More and more people in all the continents are discovering this new thought and light and making it their own. Inspiring and invigorating teachings make the Savitri Era religion the right option for the modern world. [TNM]

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