Friday, April 27, 2007

Savitri Erans will have to read Savitri

Savitri, in a general sense, has four facets. The first is English, second Poetry, third Philosophy and the final one is Spirituality. Admirers of the poem confront formidable difficulty on all these four fronts.

  • English is a foreign tongue to most of us. Polysyllables in the poem put off many. Allusions are too far off to be fathomed.
  • Poetry, these days, is a rare phenomenon. And if foot and meter or other prosody rules are added then it becomes a dreadful formulation.
  • Philosophy is meant for the bearded guys with unkempt hairs. Of what avail if one is going to break his head over it?
  • Spirituality is a nice slogan that everyone loves. But when it comes to discovering it by reading the poem people would shy away sheepishly.

But, then it hardly pays to complain. Savitri Erans will have to read it. There is not to reason why. [TNM]

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