Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Socially sensitive steps are so vital

In the Ashram’s 24th April - the Darshan Day Program the following announcements for Sri Aurobindo’s Room visit caught the eye:
3 to 3-30pm – Aged and Invalid in walking
3-30 to 4pm – invalids to be carried by chair
Such socially sensitive steps are so vital even in a spiritual set-up like the Ashram to convey the message that “We care.” Ashram being a community must be following a slew of such measures for the welfare of its own inmates. How effectively are they implemented? How efficiently are they delivered? What are the hurdles? Have they developed into a distinct paradigm over the years?

If we discuss these aspects in greater detail, perhaps we can contribute meaningfully to the debates regarding various socio-economic models emerging in the country. [TNM]

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