Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blogger and glory

Dr. Manmohan Singh became Prime Minister by accident, but right from Dr. Radhakrishnan onwards many scholars, academicians, journalists, artistes, and sportspersons have straddled the political field with distinction.
If a person is an atheist, we must respect his views. But if, like Dawkins, he writes books to propagate his belief, then it becomes a political act. Same is the case with a blogger, but Fido the Yak seems to be unsure. [1:51 PM]
Even in the days of Sir Philip Sidney it was so.
“Every courtier was trained to the art of sprezzatura, of skill in seeming effortlessness in horsemanship, swordplay, singing, dancing, speaking, and writing, so as to catch the eye of those higher in the hierarchy, and especially that of the prince. Self-presentation has always been and remains the first move in the game of self-advancement." -- Risa Stephanie Bear [3:18 PM]

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