Sunday, October 28, 2007

We really know nothing about The Mother

The greatest miracle that The Mother performed was divining the wealth of wisdom that Sri Aurobindo had, even before she met him. What she could perceive then and strove to tell all her life, even a fraction of that has not been comprehended by the world as of yet. It is so pertinent to be curious about The Mother, because we really know nothing about her. Why her parents migrated to France, why she went to Algeria, why did she visit Egypt on the way to India, Why she had to go to Japan and visited China while returning; these are all sheer mystery to us. Max Theon and Paul Richard, Hitler and the holocaust; they all add to the incredible storyline. Let's hope that all these jigsaw pieces will fall into place some day. In the meantime, we wait with certitude and gratitude; and ruminate, "To know how to wait is to have time on one's side." [TNM]

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