Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What is most deep is the skin

[So, whereas I think ‘in the end’ Hegel is closer to Aristotle than Kant on most issues, once we descend from the big picture to the details, we must keep Kant in mind at every step...That is, for want of a better term, we are and ought to be ‘common-sense realists’ in our everyday affairs, that the indeterminate thing-in-itself can find no entry into our affairs: it is a mere figment of thought that turns no wheels. Yet, this is so not because thought has a hand in determining everything insofar as it is ‘for us’. Rather, it is because, to quote McDowell: ‘When one thinks truly, what one thinks is what is the case.’ In short, this is the repudiation of transcendental idealism in favour of an idealistic transcendental empiricism. -- Hegel, Kant, Idealism from Grundlegung by Tom (Grundlegung)]
[Personally, I see no value in Theology, at this point in time. In its entire history, I don't know of any convincing proof that came of out that domain of study. Maybe because I don't have enough faith to see the proof. My personal bias is towards an experiential knowledge of God rather than a conceptual proof. -- Theology = Study of Leprechauns from Zaadz: ~C4Chaos' Blog (Crossposted from www.c4chaos.com)]
[Deleuze's rhapsody of the surface makes a strong impression in my mind, but it comes with a puzzle I can't quite piece together (The Logic of Sense, "Second Series of Paradoxes of Surface Effects"). I am impressed by the argument that depth has been illogically privileged over the superficial. Depth is not customarily viewed as a lack of breadth, as being of small surface, so either we should not think of the superficial as a lack of depth or we should rethink depth as lacking breadth. Deleuze calls profound Paul Valéry's idea that "what is most deep is the skin" (p. 10), however for Deleuze surfaces are incorporeal. -- Surface Effects from Fido the Yak by Fido the Yak]
Obviously, one finds these considered concerns merely skin deep, when compared with the galactic sweep of The Life Divine and the glacieral aesthesis of Savitri. [TNM]

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