Tuesday, October 23, 2007

India Today and tomorrow

Thomson Press and India Today can be said to have sown the seeds of the “India Shining.” Advertising opened a new vista in aesthetics and its occasional avant garde stance managed to topple the formulaic Bollywood stereotypes. Mainstream used to run tirades against the launch of colour TV telecast in the country, but ultimately, Vasant Sathe had his way. From print to TV, the “break” has steered the great Indian consumerist revolution by fuelling ambitions and fostering frustrations. MTV came later, and it was the end of all inhibitions and innocence. “Vibhatsa rasa” too received its due share in the comity of Nine.

“Imagine an entire society of Brittainys and Madonnas and their male equivalents,” Dr. Sanity cautions, but the show must go on. [TNM] [ 6:59 PM]

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