Friday, October 19, 2007

Sri Aurobindo was a master-dreamer

Why various sections and persons have exercised their liberty from time to time to misrepresent Sri Aurobindo and his say, is that he has never been presented appropriately. While media has been transformed through several technological upgradations thus unleashing a communications revolution, sales and soliciting, also, has seen some never before sophistication in its reach as well as approach. Narrowcasting and niche marketing are as efficiently harnessed as carpet bombing or enforced reinforcement through ceaseless repetitions.

Sri Aurobindo was a master-dreamer. Together with the Mother, he has dared to dream the loftiest of human aspirations. To implant the play of perpetual dance in the whirl of protoplasm of the human cell. Merchants of such celestial dreams, they certainly deserve much larger prosceniums, must vaster amphitheatres, and multiplied decibels. An audience saves a play. And, it is our turn – who are presently occupying the planet earth – to put up a Herculean enterprise to salvage the dream from drowning in the ocean of cacophony. [TNM] 10:43 AM 1:28 PM

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