Saturday, October 27, 2007

Devotion to The Mother is the precondition in the Savitri Era Religion

Let there be not even the minutest scope for harboring any illusion that the Integral Yoga can be practiced independently on the basis of some books or lectures. No system or method, nor any set of practice can entitle one for progress in this path without allegiance to The Mother, who is the sole dispenser of any awareness or reward.

Being proficient in some task or acquiring skill in a specific responsibility can give one the impression that it is equivalent to performing Yoga, but the same by itself, howsoever high may be its level of excellence, is not. It is only by consistently maintaining a spirit of dedication to the Mother year after year and undertaking the labor with a sense of collaboration that our work can qualify as Yoga.

It is normal that many may perceive a tense feeling towards The Mother at the initial encounter due to various factors like doubt and envy. But a persistent engagement with her teachings can rid one of all suspicion and diffidence and permit germination of receptivity and dependence in its place. This overarching precondition for devotion to The Mother is religion. Each and every Savitri Eran needs to remember and remind himself continually of this central secret of our Religion. [TNM]

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