Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Debashish Banerji's Manichaean branding is suspect

[Re: The Core Problem by Debashish on Mon 16 Mar 2009 03:29 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link
This is not to challenge the need for yogic work; it should be clear that the two are not oppositional. The change of faith I spoke about earlier from an age of religion to an age of reason could very well be interpreted as an occult event, but it isn't difficult to show that a well-orchestrated external movement in fact materialized it. Of course, to those who don't see the need for all this, no one ought to bother themselves about it and everyone needs only to grow into a divine consciousness internally for the world to be transformed. But in the Integral Yoga, the process and even the eventuality of growing into a divine consciousness includes the instrumentalizing of the shakti and this in turn includes external action. For those who are conscious of the need for a change of faith in the age, this karma could reveal itself as one of establishing an opening in the terrestrial knowledge domain now controlled by academics. The importance of this work may go unnoticed, but that hardly matters. What is more relevant is the prevention of interference and opposition based on ignorance. And of course, what has happened in the case of the Lives is far worse than this. DB Reply]

While Debashish Banerji's emphasis on "external action" is welcome, his Manichaean branding in the end is suspect. [TNM]

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