Friday, March 06, 2009

Freedom & mutuality

An Urban Voter’s Manifesto
from *DesiPundit* - A Little Wit. A Little Wisdom. Lots of India by Atanu Dey
We are urban Indians and we number around 400 million. Our aspirations are principally related to working hard for a living, caring for our families, educating our children, and being good and responsible citizens. As an urban Indian, I will vote for a party that promotes the values that matter to my country, my family, and me. I address this open letter to the political parties who seek my vote in the upcoming elections. Drop me a line if you can credibly demonstrate that you share the concerns and values that we have. Here are my concerns.
1. Economic freedom.
I want a government which generally leaves us alone. I don’t want a government that interferes in every aspect of our economic lives.
I want a government that does not excessively tax my hard-earned money to fund wasteful expenditures.
By chaining the economy, the government controls it to profit from it at the expense of the citizens. I want the government to liberalize the economy.
2. Personal freedom.
I want a government that respects me as a citizen and not as a member of some religious, caste, linguistic, or vote bank group. I want to be treated equally and not discriminated against for whatever reasons.
I want a government that does not dictate to me how I should live my life... I just want that the government do its job and I will do my bit. But I will not vote for any party that does not share my values and my concerns.]

Savitri Era Party respects a citizen's freedom with leanings towards inculcating mutuality. [TNM]

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