Friday, March 06, 2009

Savitri Era Party is thankful to Bijan Ghosh

[One may disagree – but there are truth in these words that Advanian hinduism followed by demolition of babri structure – are the re-discovery of that most potential and poisonous serpent which partitioned Bharatbarsha. Time has come for introspection by them who owe allegiance to Advanian hinduism, and pondering by political population, that what the country has achieved till date by destabilising the settled communal harmony of this country by hurting the sentiment of a community – and more so, in this sub-continent, where helpless hindus have been suffering continuously since Dec 1992 in the name of retaliations. -- from bijan ghosh <> date 5 March 2009 14:44 subject india New Lawyers Chambers Supreme Court Buildings New Delhi 110 001 1:20 PM]

[And really wonderful, you attempted to explain me on 24th December about the legal history of Alipore Bomb Trial Case and the other significance that how a Lawyer came and saved Sri Aurobindo from that situation and then you expressed hope & suggested that some other Lawyer would be coming to save Sri Aurobindo from the present situation – the motivated dump of abuse and ignominy. While you totally forgotten that you are talking to an Apex Court Lawyer only and who has already arrived , extending all out supports to all of you to bail out over the crisis with dignity, and all for the sake of Sri Aurobindo. from bijan ghosh <>
date 22 January 2009 07:28 subject choice is imperative - an impersonal letter to a devotee of Sri Aurobindo
to Dipica Mookerjee by BG]

Savitri Era Party is thankful to Bijan Ghosh for his timely and wisely initiative to expose the heinous Advanian hinduism. [TNM]

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