Sunday, March 15, 2009

Trust & Transparency

[Trust Books by and about Archibald Cox
I confess that I cannot understand how we can plot, lie, cheat and commit murder abroad and remain humane, honorable, trustworthy and trusted at home.
-Archibald Cox]

[I understand that what Raju did is deplorable and unpardonable... How can we blame just one man when EACH AND EVERY person was disloyal ? -From e-mail written by a Satyam employee]

[Science, Culture and Integral Yoga - The Core Problem
Sraddhalu Ranade is this year's featured speaker at the 2009 AUM conference. He will be touring Sri Aurobindo Centers in Europe and the United States this year...Sraddhalu Ranade is the most active campaigner against The Lives of Sri Aurobindo.]

Several Court cases adverting to The Lives of Sri Aurobindo are in currency. No one feels it necessary that their proceedings/progress need to be reported from time to time. Clandestine operations fuel avoidable speculation and rumors. Transparency in these matters will go a long way in clearing the air. [TNM]

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