Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Need for integration for purification of our everyday sins

[The book ends with a subtle message giving a glimpse of her scholarly approach towards the subject: she offers comparative insight into the works and ideas of Abraham Isaac Kook and Sri Aurobindo. They entrapped sources of learning from different cultural milieu and projected the need for integration for purification of our everyday sins by juxtaposing against everyday reality. Mainstream, Vol XLVII No 11, February 28, 2009
Apt Addition to Discourse on Religious Diversity
by Amna Mirza, 2 March 2009 The reviewer is doing her M.Phil in Political Science in the University of Delhi. About Mainstream Inter-Religious Communication—A Gandhian Perspective by Margaret Chatterjee; Promillla & Co. Publishers, New Delhi; 2009; pages 200; price: Rs 425.]

So much the better if there looms to be a change of heart in persons like Chatterjee in their estimation of the contribution of Sri Aurobindo and the religious dimension of his teachings. [TNM]

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