Sunday, March 22, 2009

Since we don't really have a cockroach metaphysics

[100 Years of Sri Aurobindo on Evolution: Why Sri Aurobindo would not believe in Intilligent Design (part 1 or 6)
Rich on Sat 21 Mar 2009 04:45 PM PDT Permanent Link (Intelligent Design vs. Real-Idea)
For his part, as I understand it, Sri Aurobindo believes the Earth to be unique in the special evolutionary role of the psychic being.
But even if it were found that life on our planet is special in some sense, humans share the Earth was a myriad of other life forms. If conditions on Earth make human life ideal, how much more so does it support the life of the cockroach, who has existed on it way longer than human beings. So if the anthropic principle merely argues that conditions are inexplicably favorable to support of life on Earth since we don't really have a cockroach metaphysics - other than perhaps in Kafka- it would be hard to know which forms of life our universe really favor.
As far as Sri Aurobindo is concerned the Earth is unique in the evolutionary role of the soul or psychic being.]

[Re: Towards the Intermediate Race—the Supramental Change is a Thing Decreed
by RY Deshpande on Sun 22 Mar 2009 09:24 AM IST
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Many thanks for your appreciation, Dr Price. My only regret is, a good number of intellectuals claiming themselves to belong to the IY Community link up Sri Aurobindo's Evolution to the not-so-well founded Darwinistic concepts. This misconception must be dispelled. In Sri Aurobindo the entire thrust is on the supramental manifestation in the terrestrial scheme of things. Hope this will be recognised, and recognised sooner than later. ~ RYD Reply]

Two great series of essays concerning human destiny, one in lucid and the other in thorny prose, perhaps betraying the generation gap. It is reassuring that the topicality of the teachings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is not buried under heaps of Heehs’ debris. [TNM]

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