Monday, February 27, 2012

Ladder plus Magnet

[better to establish and lay down the facts before engaging in unending debates… But in case there is any information that is to the contrary, you or others are invited to present it here]

Being the host, it’s your privilege to be dismissive or patronizing, but we are dealing with opinions only – be it legal or journalistic, yours or mine – in the absence of self-evident facts. You perhaps prefer “Sri Aurobindo’s and The Mother’s words and actions” as frozen, whereas Paranjape captures the mutation theresince, thus encapsulating the contemporary reality. It is pragmatic therefore, instead of living in a fool’s paradise with symptoms of selective amnesia, we start from square one and seek transformation courtesy the magnet. [TNM55]

When you say that they “are free to do so” it includes the freedom to “make up stories” as well as “to put their words in the mouths of” others. In fact, these are the basic ingredients of all religious mythologies that are recited as revealed texts. As regards imposition, likewise, conversion attempts are as old as the oceans. So, apparently no incongruity here. [TNM55]

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