Thursday, February 09, 2012

Outgrow poverty-oriented politics

[Not to be Left behind Editorials, Hindustan Times - February 07, 2012
Think global, act global seems to the CPI(M)'s new motto, a variation on the old think global, act local… Of course, the Karatian vision is based on opposing casteism, communalism, gender-based exploitation, and taking into account tribal, regional and ethnic issues as well as the struggle against neo-liberal economic policies pursued by the government. When it comes to simplicity of purpose and language, you really have to hand it to the lads in the CPI(M). We admire people who are consistent.]    

[Medha Patkar for "one family, one elected rep" formula  Hindustan Times - February 09, 2012
Deprecating rise of political dynasties, activist Medha Patkar today suggested the "one family, one elected representative" cap in politics.]

There is no gainsaying the fact (echoing Nikhil Chakravarty) that the Left has some of our most honest politicians. They can’t be faulted for honesty of purpose also. But compulsions of international affairs skew their domestic policies, and as a result, they have not been able to outgrow the poverty-oriented politics. Caste and religion are their Achilles heel, an honest appraisal of which can definitely provide them some headway. [TNM55]

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