Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lip-service is the most potent technique

[Introduction (DW) | Auro Truths While lip-service is given to the ideology, it is in reality given a back seat as their personal preferences take over, determine and drive all their actions.]

M.P. Pandit wrote that mechanical repetition of Name may not be fruitful, but Babaji Maharaj (Ramakrishna Das) rationalized that Japa, even if performed mechanically, has a power and an effect. Till his last breath he used to urge his correspondents, through his oblique calligraphic lines on Post Cards, this simple and straight message to surrender at the feet of The Mother like a small child and repeat her name.

So, ideology or no-ideology, lip-service is the most potent technique for the Savitri Erans to take a leap towards the future. [TNM55] Savitri Era: Being an empty vessel 

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