Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yoga of integrating Varna categories

[These are all very fine as high spiritual ideals, one might counter, but as long as we remain stuck in our limited human consciousness, tethered to our mental and vital existence, what are we to do about the gross injustices and the destruction of our planet? Are we to sit quietly and meditate while our fellow human beings are abused and the world is destroyed? This is the difficult dilemma in which we find ourselves, and we feel that we must act. Spiritual activist has a double task Spiritual Activism, Spiritual Passivity And Integral Yoga, Larry Seidlitz, Sraddha-Feb'12]

Just as counseling for spiritual living should take into account the age and location of a person, quality or temperament, too, should form a primary parameter. As one grows from one Varna category to another and strives for integration between the same, there are obvious difficulties like alleged trivialization or profanation. Permitting division of labour and specialized skills, therefore, should be the norm instead of promoting puritanistic criticism. [TNM55]

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