Monday, February 13, 2012

Assemblages score over assembly

Canons of spiritual practice flatten space and time and this is a severe methodological error. The notion of Call, of course, is irrespective of age and irreverent of locale, but such non-concern plays spoiler for firm theoretical formulations. The allusion to symphony surely emphasizes the unique role of the individual but, simultaneously, also underscores his dispensability. So, claiming exceptionalism for a particular event or a prominent personality is fraught with serious uncertainty.

The why of history, therefore, though entertaining owing to its dramatic tension and suspense, can’t be a safe guide for future unfoldings. Temperamental assemblages, through thought revolutions, can cause more momentous realignments in the world today than assembly of amorphous crowds in sundry city squares.

The identification of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, in their physical life, to an Ashram of moderate size and their concern for its well-being constitutes a minor facet of their world-vision. Whole of their action was never on the surface then for all to see, and correspondingly, no clue to their intentions at present can be claimed exclusively by certain trustworthies. [TNM55]        

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