Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Torpedoing the Hindu Code

[First Full English Translation of One of India's Great Texts from permanent black Hindu Widow Marriage, A Complete Translation with an Introduction and Critical Notes by Brian A. Hatcher  
It makes available to every modern student, for the first time, one of the profoundest classics of India's social reform and gender discourse… Vidyasagar’s strategy involved a rereading of Hindu scripture alongside an emotional plea on behalf of the widow, resulting in the reimagining of Hindu law and custom. He made his case through a two-part publication, Hindu Widow Marriage, a tour de force of logic, erudition, and humanitarian rhetoric.]

[Religion-neutral marriage certificates, why didn't we have them before? from Communalism Watch by c-info From: The Times of India Religion-neutral marriage certificates likely PTI | Feb 21, 2012 NEW DELHI:
The government is working on a proposal to provide religion-neutral marriage certificates to people following demands by minority groups, including Sikhs, who are shown as Hindus in official documents. … The present system of issuing religion-based certificates will continue. According to ministry officials, making registration of marriages religion neutral would also help couples who face social and community pressures for having married according to their wishes.]

['जज साहब! घोषित कीजिए मेरी कोई जाति-धर्म नहीं' Dainik Bhaskar, Feb 21, 2012]

A court in Maharashtra has declined to declare the appellant as without caste or religion. So, religion-neutral marriage certificates will be a boon for all minorities including the Savitri Erans. [TNM55] 

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