Friday, May 18, 2012

Amazing neglect of India's greatest mind

Tweets 3m Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty @kalisbrood It involves some painful choices too. Surgery of dysfunctional limbs is essential which faces stiff socio-political resistance. View conversation
16m Twitter is home to a galaxy of intellectuals but the thought of Sri Aurobindo never occur to them. Amazing neglect of India's greatest mind Expand
28m Sri Aurobindo asks for an open mind. One should come prepared to learn from him and not for seeking justifications for preconceived notions Expand
36m History helps, but only so much. Besides, accounts of history also differ. Unlearning the mythology of history in India is a huge challenge. Expand
51m @kalisbrood Concerns of future are substantially different than irritants of the past. Overarching teaching of Sri Aurobindo is a sure cure. View conversation
1h Politicians are not permitted to speak. Journalists churn out political analysis and speculative economics always with swathes of history. Expand
1h @malviyamit His rise from Fauji coincides with the rise of India, and he, in a way, represents the India story and its multiculturalism. View conversation
1h @malviyamit A single incident shouldn't cloud our judgement regarding a quarter century work of a performer. View conversation
2h @orsoraggiante Peter Heehs' biography of Sri Aurobindo has ironically been hailed as "a historically adroit and intellectually acute work." View conversation
3h @krishnarjun108 India's Rebirth is not a faithful representation of Sri Aurobindo's world-vision. Reading him is a must to understand India View conversation
3h @kalisbrood Bold stance in raising many inconvenient questions but kowtowing before the tradition is no solution. Sri Aurobindo has the key. View conversation
18h @krishnarjun108 Surely a daring perspective, but how to translate it into action, i.e., agency for implementation, is yet to be articulated.   View location
20h @krishnarjun108 Hope you incorporate insights from Sri Aurobindo pertaining to evolutionary imperative of unity and mutuality in next post. View location
17 May @abhijitch2 But the purpose of his visit might not be very uplifting considering his condemnable stand on Heehs' The Lives of Sri Aurobindo. View location

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