Saturday, May 05, 2012

Blocking vs. banning

  • To point out inadequacies is to be friendless, but if that is the destiny so be it. Insisting on ethics, paradoxically, is politics. TNM55
  • Why it took three & half years for Sri Aurobindo Society to decide & declare that it "strongly disapproves of the book?"
  • Sri Aurobindo’s own adumbrations to Darwin, Spenser, and Nietzche are not covered, thus accentuating a suspected bias.
  • @ranjansr Besides, the PM is the most suitable candidate now to be kicked upstairs and made the President. Right time for Rahul too as PM.
  • @alok_bhatt Not practical to wish away RSS. The best course is to join a new party like Savitri Era Party and lend energy to build it. TNM55
  • @MihirKumarJha People are ill-informed, and we must strive to spread right perspective by developing an environment of amity and dialogue.
  • 4 May @MihirKumarJha But the question is how to add muscle to the demand so that they are acted upon and not get buried under heaps of tweets. TNM
  • 4 May @MihirKumarJha Odia inmates are a majority and none is a trustee but two Bengalis are. Manoj Das Gupta is the Managing Turstee for 25 years.
  • 4 May Savitri Era Party's 3 demands: Appointment of an Odia trustee, Fixed tenure for the office of Managing Trustee. [TNM55]
  • 4 May Eviction of Peter Heehs from the Ashram for authoring a book with hostile references to Sri Aurobindo and his disciples
  • 4 May @vijayvaani Dr Manmohan Singh himself seems to be the dark horse. [TNM55]
  • 4 May [Heehs has found more supporters on the issue of his deportation and not with regard to the actual contents of his book.]
  • 3 May @MihirKumarJha which, like friction, carries us towards the ultimate goals of Light, Immortality, Freedom, and Ecstacy.
  • 3 May @ZoomIndianMedia [Heehs has hidden them in the US.. The precious documents include Sri Aurobindo’s personal diary. -VG]
  • 3 May [No secular state is or can be merely neutral or impartial among religions, for the State defines the boundaries.. -MG]
  • @vijayvaani Now that he is about to get another term to hold fort, likely integration of RSS and BJP will be complete without any hurdle.
  • @AdvocateYK Perfect recipe for forcing people to gravitate towards UPA. It's a shame that such people are referred to as saints in our land.
  • @Devinder_Sharma Party system is at the core of our democratic apparatus. So Ramdev should form his own Party and contest elections [TNM55]
  • @colnrkurup @amargov @Rightwingdian The overall sense of this post is not in consonance with the spirit of our Constitution. Party system is at the core of democratic apparatus. Numbers & not public opinion is the cornerstone of power structure

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