Friday, May 04, 2012

Signature and date please

In a situation of conflict, to say that we pray and The Mother’s force will act at the right time to demolish the hostile force is common to both sides, and hence, cancels out. At any rate, that is very much implied whether said or not. What is more important is clear articulation of the stand taken and action points for achieving the same. It is difficult to understand, therefore, why it took three and half years for Sri Aurobindo Society to decide and declare that it “strongly disapproves of the book." Of course, the statement is undated and not signed by any one. This sort of dithering, however, is nothing but deception.

Most responses in the course of Heehs imbroglio are rife with hypocrisy as each person is overconfident about his language befooling the other. Even institutions have resorted to this game by handing out strictly legal statements and sidelining the real issues. Diplomatic rhetoric, of course, has its uses, but to employ it to hoodwink others is patently unfair. SAS owes an explanation as to why they have failed to append signature and date. [TNM55]

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  1. Why SAS took so much time??
    There is a simple answer.... SAS thought that Shri Sraddhalu and Co would get some immediate Court Order against Sri Aurobindo Ashram!!! When that did not happen and Shri Sraddhalu and Co started looking like ambitious fools in front of the whole nation, SAS had to come to the rescue of its acolytes and try to retrieve the situation by giving out such meaningless statements.....

    - Alok Panda
    An educated and eloquent Odiya Devotee of The Mother hailing from the land of Odisha.