Sunday, May 13, 2012

Avoiding mythological literalism and identification

  • @krishnarjun108 Please read "The Life Divine" by Sri Aurobindo, the most illuminating book on the subject offering an integral world-view.
  • [NONE of Heehs followers has come out in the smallest way to support Mother and Sri Aurobindo. Comment by vishwamitra2]
  • [Refreshing to read Aurobindo's writings as a contrast to the denunciation of knowledge and action by the Vaishnavas.]
  • [I am condemned to perceive the beautiful in the banal.. The greatest American leader was an African-American - Govind]
  • [Ashram is nurturing and housing a traitor who has written so negatively about the Guru and Founder Sri Aurobindo.]
  • [The Lost Years of RSS by Sanjeev Kelkar, a RSS insider of more than 45 years - CRI by Shreyans Maini]
  • @gopimaliwal @BhaskarChat @SwarupKS [RSS morphed into a secret brotherhood society. disdain for intellectual discourse]
  • @krishnarjun108 Two useful books: Adam Smith's lost legacy -Gavin Kennedy (2005) Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life -Nicholas Phillipson (2010)
  • @svelaga Because Heehs is publicising himself to be an avatar of Sri Krishna and the management of Sri Aurobindo Ashram is in his clutch.
  • @Tarunvijay A complete reliance on the FIVE DREAMS Manifesto of Vishwaguru Sri Aurobindo is the call of the hour. No other voice matches it.
  • Symbol more crucial than Legend & hence delving too deep into mythological literalism & identification needs to be avoided by Savitri Erans.
  • @krishnarjun108 Smith is the foundation, no doubt; but lot many things needs to be added for crafting a suitable roadmap for the future.
  • @krishnarjun108 True, but unless one studies the superb analysis of Varna by Sri Aurobindo, it is easy to get misled by superficial notions. @krishnarjun108 You can google and find some relevant discussion on the topic.
  • @krishnarjun108 Again, let's not neglect the present while rediscovering the past heroes. Brilliant minds are around and let's take benefit.
  • @malviyamit To have high expectations and be dissapointed is no prudence. Time to look at brighter sides too like plurality & marginalised.
  • @krishnarjun108 Adam Smith was a Prof. of philosophy and not an economist. His views were based on local reality which may not be true today
  • @malviyamit The FIVE DREAMS Manifesto of Sri Aurobindo should have occupied the centrestage today. India will continue to blunder around now
  • @amargov Right course is to go for Presidential at the Centre while retaining the Parliamentary in States. List system for RS is also good.
  • @I_rkmishra Deprecating the present by presenting a romantic picture of our past is unfair, for some might surpass the old personalities.
  • @goldenarcher @mihirkumarjha Compliments to Mihir. He needs to focus on achievable targets & choose his ideological furrow with more finesse
  • 4 May [Ian Bogost @ibogost Is Whitehead useful for understanding autism, or is autism useful for validating process philosophy and theories of becoming? #c21nonhuman] Retweeted by Savitri Era Party
  • 13 Feb 10 [Gilles Guattari @AuntieOedipus "Desiring-machines are the fundamental category of the economy of desire; they produce a body without organs all by themselves..." (32).] Retweeted by Savitri Era Party
  • 12 May [Joshua J A Smith @smithjjas Baudrillard asserts that in modern culture, “the map precedes the territory”. Does Satoshi Kon’s 'Paprika'...] Retweeted by Savitri Era Party
  • @findmanu @devinder_sharma Spot on, and so we formed SEP which grows by logic of others' failure and tied to untried icon of Sri Aurobindo.
  • [I can only salute and applaud Sraddhalu's indefatigable courage for persevering in his quest to speak truth.. -Govind]
  • @Devinder_Sharma @findmanu We opposed Heehs' book on Sri Aurobindo & they retorted: write your own book. Similarly, start your own channel.
  • @PrabhuChawla Joining Savitri Era Party is a good option for him so that he enjoys the best of both worlds by following the middle path.
  • 12 May @BhaskarChat In fact, the cartoon is nothing if compared with the mischievous caricature that Peter Heehs made of Sri Aurobindo's reputation

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