Sunday, May 06, 2012

A leaking style of writing

Tweets Savitri Era Party  @SavitriEraParty Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
  • [It models a style of writing about Integral Yoga, Sri Aurobindo, and the Mother. – by J. Kepler]  -
  • @MalikAshok @prasannavishy [People fix their eyes on the thing to be achieved & soon become careless about the character of the means. -SA]
  • Foreigners in Maoist-hit areas: Mike and Amke are promoting integral education system of Sri Aurobindo. via @ibnlive
  • Heehs has been depicted as Krishna with Manoj Das Gupta as Arjuna. Time to save Sri Aurobindo Ashram from the evil duo.
  • Sri Aurobindo is one name that can electrify the youth of this country. Sri Aurobindo is one idea around whom the whole country can be one.
  • Contempt and hatred for Sri Aurobindo may be common, but it is more due to lack of information and the notion of an Ashram tied to his name.
  • Let's build the Party & the Ideal brick by brick with our own hands instead of leaving it lazily to to any Anna or Ramdev. No pain, no gain.
  • @waglenikhil An ideological glue is a must & Anna can't perform this miracle. Sri Aurobindo's inspiration is a valid option in this context.
  • In his letter to Joseph Baptista in 1920, Sri Aurobindo outlined his vision of a refined politics for transforming the nation into an ideal.
  • Sri Aurobindo's frontal attack on Congress policies in 1893 borne fruit 12 years later in 1905 by fermenting Nationalist sentiments. [TNM55]
  • 156-year-old school renamed after V.V. Giri, the former president who hailed from Berhampur, Odisha. via @ZeeNews 
Sri Aurobindo’s own adumbrations to Darwin, Spenser, and Nietzche, however, have not been covered, thus accentuating a suspected bias. [TNM55]
[I occasionally found the references to the thought of Nietzsche and other thinkers whose influence still looms large today, to be illuminating and to provide interesting context. – a Review by J. Kepler]
By the way, the Vedic Colloquy of Indra and Agastya is a prime source of the theme. [TNM55]

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