Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Sri Aurobindo stresses upon the character of the means

  • 8 May @centerofright Truth must prevail & not wishful reconstructions of history moulded to whitewash political avenues. Kudos to all facing odds.
  • [8 May Bibek Debroy @bibekdebroy @abhinavagarwal: Sri Aurobindo, though it is part commentary. Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
  • [8 May Abhinav @abhinavagarwal @bibekdebroy Thanks :) One more question: between Sri Aurobindo's and Dr S Radhakrishnan's Gita translations, which would you recommend? Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
  • 8 May @AnshumanSunny @gopimaliwal But it's not good to write "Leftists should die," especially in the public domain which gives RSS a bad name.
  • 8 May @gopimaliwal @rvaidya2000 All this is valid within a vibrant democracy. Programmes, policies, and ideologies of all actors needs to be open.
  • 8 May @krishnarjun108 @gopimaliwal Digging into deep past at this juncture obfuscates our understanding and necessity of the present and 2014.
  • 8 May @malviyamit The gravity of the situation in the whole region involving 5-6 States is not being realised. No solution without NCTC at present
  • 8 May @malviyamit Either the State Govt. must act or cede space. Obviously it is ill-equipped for the former and hence the genesis of NCTC. Simple
  • 8 May @malviyamit The grave consequences of dismissing NCTC off hand on pseudo-federal considerations should come home after this tragic incidence
  • 8 May @gopimaliwal Considering the prime space that RSS occupies within Indian Democracy, there must be more interrogation of what Nagpur thinks.
  • 8 May @gopimaliwal Power is not a priority for the RSS but survival is. They understand the need for change but no one has mandate to tinker with.
  • 8 May @prasannavishy A recent example is how Peter Heehs has disfigured the unblemished record of Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo and drummed up support.
  • 8 May @vinod_sharma The future is not an extension of the past. Time to embark upon an altogether glorious path sanctified by Yogi Sri Aurobindo.
  • 8 May A larger and dynamic vision for the nation as articulated by Sri Aurobindo in his FIVE DREAMS Manifesto awards a lofty responsibility on us.
  • 8 May @gopimaliwal Salvaging a sinking Titanic is an impossible task. The inspiration of Sri Aurobindo alone can charge a pan-Indian liberal Party
  • 8 May Plurality we appreciate and hierarchy we abhor. But quest for the best brings us to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. And all questions melt away.
  • 8 May Not to turn our back to money, tells Sri Aurobindo, but also to be circumspect about prosperity.
  • 8 May From politics to poetry, ethics to education, and cosmology to consciousness studies, Sri Aurobindo offers authentic and definitive guidance
  • 8 May @emanin @offstumped The Aug 14, 1947 FIVE DREAMS Manifesto of Sri Aurobindo is the right roadmap for the nation in the age of Globalization.
  • 7 May @gopimaliwal The Intregralism of Sri Aurobindo alone can redeem us from the cumulative imbroglio arising out of diverse mistakes of the past
  • 7 May There is no dearth of dedicated individuals in India willing to give shape to the DREAMS of Sri Aurobindo by leaving the lure of Old Parties
  • 7 May The political ideal of Sri Aurobindo stresses upon the "character of the means." An overarching fervour of nationalism intimates its core.
  • 7 May Sri Aurobindo commands the greatest weight in the international arena as regards philosophy & futurology. Indians must value this advantage.
  • 7 May Anna Hazare, Ramdev, or a new President cannot bring any qualitative change in the life of the nation. Now, Sri Aurobindo holds the remedy.
  • 7 May @adityab99 @swamy39 The direction Gandhi and Nehru gave to India badly needs a correction now. Sri Aurobindo foresaw the same 100 years ago.
  • 7 May Following Sri Aurobindo is the most appropriate course for the country now which constitutes the middle path between Secularism and Hindutva
  • 7 May [Importance to non-violence ignoring the armed revolutionary struggle has impoverished story of our freedom struggle.]
  • 7 May @connar101 This moment in the history of India belongs to Sri Aurobindo and his FIVE DREAMS Manifesto for true transformation of the country
  • 7 May [Bringing back exiled tales: Barindra Kumar Ghose also Sri Aurobindo Ghose's younger brother - Sachidananda Mohanty]
  • 7 May @Aagan86 Sri Aurobindo is not in her list. It's a mystery why Bengal has been persistently disowning the greatest person born on our planet.
  • [7 May Agnivo @Aagan86 "@fossfan: My phone auto corrects Anna Hazare to Anna Hazard. Now that's what you call a smartphone." ROFL Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
  • 7 May @krishnarjun108 BJP lacks national presence and has never been voted to power at Centre. Ideology is more important than leader to woo votes
  • 7 May The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have prepared a splendid roadmap for the future. Their teaching can change thinking & action and stop corruption.
  • 7 May [many who have read Sri Aurobindo have never read Nietzsche & acquire some preconceptions of what the Nietzschean Superman is all about. DB]
  • 6 May @amishra77 Mass base is a myth. They don't have any alternative ideology. Gadkari is the favourite PM candidate of Bhagwat & may all accept.
  • 6 May @amargov Futile to expect clarity as long as intellect is mortgaged to RSS. Besides, Mohan Bhagwat is strategising for a Maharashtrian PM.
  • [6 May pragmatic_desi @pragmatic_d Do not mistake the sincerity and sacrifice of an individual with the efficacy of his methods. Two egs, Kobad Gandhi & Anna Hazare. Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
  • 6 May @gauravcsawant Only a strong ideological bulwark can throw a strong PM. Message of Sri Aurobindo is extremely apposite to serve such a pivot
  • 6 May @krishnarjun108 Be Indian, Be Sri Aurobindian. Let's hearken to the greatest voice the humanity has produced & offered FIVE DREAMS MANIFESTO
  • 6 May @kameshratnam @swapan55 Sri Aurobindo is the right inspiration for taking this country forward by surfing Globalisation. Time to switch side
  • 6 May @MihirKumarJha May the whole nation watch it. Let the power of the potent dreams penetrate every heart and generate goodwill and genorosity.
  • 6 May @krishnarjun108 Gadkari is no puppet but the sole Prime Ministerial candidate as decided by Bhagwat as per his suitable age criteria. -TNM55
  • 6 May [to think and to dream of individual perfection and a perfect society. -Sri Aurobindo, broadcast by AIR Thiruchirapalli on August 14, 1947]
  • 6 May [to a higher and larger consciousness and begin the solution of the problems which have perplexed and vexed him since he first began -SA]
  • 6 May [Another dream, the spiritual gift of India to the world has already begun. The final dream was a step in evolution which would raise man]
  • 6 May [of human civilisation. The third dream was a world-union forming the outer basis of a fairer, brighter and nobler life for all mankind. SA]
  • 6 May [Another dream was for the resurgence and liberation of the peoples of Asia and her return to her great role in the progress -Sri Aurobindo]
  • 6 May [The first of these dreams was a revolutionary movement which would create a free and united India. -Sri Aurobindo, AIR, 14th August 1947]
  • 6 May [Aim of Sri Aurobindo's Action is the country – India has to guard her independence. India has to defend herself.]
  • 6 May Sri Aurobindo Society Meeting, Chennai 10.30 am; Coimbatore Sri Aurobindo Devotees Prayer Centre 9.30 am, Sri Annai Meditation Centre 4 pm.


  1. Wolf in a sheep's clothing. Thats what they westerners are. Not one of them was sad about wrong things written about Sri Aurobindo. These people, how they don't feel any prick of conscience, have no heart at all to read these lies written about Sri Aurobindo. Then they also call Sri Aurobindo their Guru. These people cannot be trusted. They will fool and cheat anyone. They are born and taught this and now bring this poison to India. They hold Sri Aurobindo responsible for the blood in the partition of India. The traitor Larry Seidlitz says
    Whether or not one agrees with this assessment, it appears to be a balanced and reasonable critique.
    Learn surrender to the Guru from these people. They will teach you how to judge and insult your Guru and make fun of him in public and support those who abuse the guru. For them rejection, aspiration, and surrender is in truth rejection of aspiration with focus on rejection of surrender. Traitors.
    Bhakti, uprightness, love, loyalty, surrender ,humility, integrity, truth, in their understanding is the word formed by taking the first letter from each word. It is actually practiced as betrayal, untruth, lust, lies, sinfulness, hurt, injure, treachery. They are proper Shaitans. One must be aware of their very bad influence.

  2. Now here is a balanced and reasonable critique! So full of love, humility and integrity! One more step towards human unity!

  3. why are you trying to hide and run away from the subject. That is what you people all do. Abuse others and when faced try to change the topic or be sarcastic or play with words. That is a coward. Why dont you say openly to all the devotees that you believe that the charge that Sri Aurobindo is to blame for the bloodshed of the partition is a reasonable and balanced critique. You are saying "whether or not one agrees with this assessment" it appears a balanced and reasonable critique. Who the hell are you to say whether or not one agrees with this assessment? Are you God or avatar that you give your verdict like this. Why should we accept it. Freedom for you and oppression for others. Also are you an expert on Indian history. Your only qualification is a traitor and a wolf in a sheeps clothing. Look at the mirror and you will be disgusted with your arrogance and betrayal. You will see two faces because you are double faced.

  4. Larry, the next thing you know is that Mr. Anonymous will now accuse the West of having introduced untouchability and caste-based discrimination in India. Interestingly, the Father of the Nation of India, the great Mahatma came from the bad "West"... Dr. Ambedkar studied in the "West"... not to forget that Sri Aurobindo who spent his formative years in the evil "West".... and let's not forget the Mother, who even for those who may not history cannot mistake her for an Indian...

    With the likes of Mr. Anonymous on the side of Peter Heehs' critics, it is of no surprise that their religio-political movement is suffering setbacks at every stage as is displayed by their growing level of frustration...