Tuesday, July 13, 2021

No better candidate than Sri Aurobindo as an ideological anchor

We are wired to safeguard self-interest, self preservation, and gene conservation. Savitri Era Learning Forum, however, is focussed on a larger SELF. #TheMother & #SriAurobindo have promised a new species with Supramental consciousness in line with Vedic prophecy. All must follow

Nothing is static; organisations evolve over time. So, comparison with pre-Independence situation is anomalous. Understanding the present compulsions and future outlook is important. Being in power in an interconnected world has many pulls and pressures and they are doing it fine.

Moving with nature's plan and speed appear as normal but yoga amounts to disruption. #TheMother #SriAurobindo will goad to shed complacency and seek own fulfilment and perfection. This will run beneath all outward work and interaction with others. Thus the choice has to be made.

[Why #SriAurobindo’s Hermeneutics Still Matters: Philology and the Transformative Possibilities of Scripture
by Swami Medhananda
Ramakrishna Institute of Moral and Spiritual Education, Mysore 570020
Editor: Annemarie C. Mayer
Religions 2021, 12(7), 484;]

[US National Simplicity Day on July 12! The holiday falls on this date every year to honor the birthday of Henry David Thoreau] #SriAurobindo

1) August 15, 1872: #SriAurobindo was born in Kolkata
2) August 15, 1914: First issue of ARYA magazine (1914-21) came out from Puducherry
3) August 15, 1947: India got independence in Delhi. 
These three events should form the basic framework to reconstruct the real history lying buried.

An ideological anchor is a must and no better candidate than #SriAurobindo. His Vedic Evolutionary schema gives meaning to action and innovation unlike a mechanical, uncertain conception of the world.

I'm the youngest among three brothers. That status can't be changed. Similarly, every State has some geographical advantage or disadvantage. For full exploitation of their benefits, the States need to be granted Sovereignty. Turning India a Federation is the most suitable option.

Careful reading of the books by #SriAurobindo can easily tell the difference. All are not the same.

How do you know about Buddha? From tradition and through education. And you take that mythology for granted. Now, you haven't read #SriAurobindo's books. So you can't make any reliable assessment of him. Paths can be many but our endeavour should be to converge at the best one. https://t.co/mgrmLe0Dkj

Fine. These are all standard words of caution. But my request is to forget about myself or my Sadhana. Read a couple of books by #SriAurobindo and be curious about him. That's the whole purpose of this handle.

You are right but Twitter facilitates conversation between strangers. So no imposition or coercion.

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